Is Brooke Laughton Done With Below Deck Mediterranean? Says She Is Looking Forward To Her “Next Chapter”

It sounds like Brooke Laughton is not just done with Joao Franco, but she’s also done with Below Deck Meditterranean.

I can’t believe I’m saying this (cold day in hell and all that…) but if only Brooke would’ve taken Hannah Ferrier‘s advice to stay away from Joao she could’ve spared herself a lot of trouble! Instead Brooke has to face reality the hard way – by watching herself look like an idiot every week on TV while Joao flirted with Kasey Cohen behind her back, then continued doing so long after filming wrapped. 

On the reunion Brooke decided she’s is done giving Joao chances, but it also seems like she’s decided against returning to the show for a second season.

Is Brooke Laughton Done With Below Deck Mediterranean? Says She Is Looking Forward To Her “Next Chapter”

Attached to the above Nicole Lyons quote, Brooke wrote, “So many messages about tonights reunion and I just wanted to say this year has been crazy to say the least. I had no idea what I was getting in to and I was beyond naive to the process of US reality TV.”

I hold no grudges and understand to grow it is essential to let go of any bitterness or hard feelings towards ANYONE on the show and will continue to try and see the potential and best in everyone I meet. I have made a lot of mistakes throughout this year and I really just appreciate the support I’ve had from friends, family and fans,” she continued. “So excited for my next chapter (p.s I can’t resist a cheesy quote).” I like Brooke’s attitude of moving completely forward. So un-like reality TV… maybe for a reason? Or maybe she’s just in therapy?

Joao Swears He’s Changed Since Below Deck Med!

Joao added his own two-cents and seems to be blaming Brooke for ditching him. “Although i wish i knew before the reunion what i know now, it’s done and over and there is no need to look back…,” he wrote. “i couldn’t be happier, to be free and in the best head space!  it’s surprising how the people i least expected to be there for me have been ever since!” Joao confirmed he and Brooke haven’t spoken since the reunion, because “she wants space” but he still loves her. And isn’t giving up just yet!

What do you think – has Brooke finally accepted that Joao isn’t even good enough for a hippo? I personally feel she should give Below Deck Med another chance, but it seems that Brooke is actually Chief Stew on other boats. Maybe she wouldn’t be willing to take a demotion to remain on the show. We all know Hannah won’t be giving up her position!


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