Joao Fraco - Below Deck Mediterranean

So Joao Franco has a soul after all! This season’s Below Deck Mediterranean villain (I mean, if you don’t count Hannah Ferrier) has been taking heat for his womanizing, sleazy ways and his drunken and psychotic alter ego Jezabob, but apparently being judged by reality TV fans has caught up with Joao’s teeny conscience so he’s apologizing for his behavior. We scare the bad guys into submission. [insert evil laugh here]

Patrick Bateman Jezabob shattered a glass in his bare hands – because looks apparently can’t kill Hannah – then he called her a slut. Now he regrets looking like a scary sociopath on television. “I am appalled by my behaviour on the show. I realise that I acted extremely primitively and disrespectfully,” he tweeted after the episode aired. “I don’t know what came over me but I am accepting responsibility for my actions. I am not like that at all and I am thankful to have gone through this experience to see.” SO, that’s redeeming, right? 

Joao Franco Apologizes For His Behavior On Below Deck Mediterranean

“I regret what I said,” Joao added in another tweet, “nothing more to it. Even after being provoked I should have never said it.”

Joao then apologized to Captain Sandy Yawn for disgracing her yacht. “How bad I really was. I have given @CaptSandyYawn a bad name when really, she did not know and had no way of knowing how I acted off the boat. #BelowDeckMed #belowdeck #51minds #Bravotv” OK, let’s not go overboard kill now!

Joao Franco Apologizes For His Behavior On Below Deck Mediterranean

Sandy, graciously, accepted but clarifies that she’s not responsible for their antics off the boat. “I don’t see the crew when they’re out. See it when you do,” she tweeted. “I don’t enable or defend ANY bad behavior. Communicated w Joao about how he treated crew, disrespected women & future character building. Some of life’s best lessons are learned at the worst times.”

Joao Franco Apologizes For His Behavior On Below Deck Mediterranean

Going further to explain how he shattered the glass, Joao tells Bravo it was “nothing more than an accident” – with no malice attached. “I couldn’t even hear Hannah and didn’t know that she was talking about me. I remember thinking, ‘this is a really thin wine glass,’ and squeezed the rim of it a little too hard and it shattered. It couldn’t have been at a worse time.”

“I can’t say anything bad about Hannah until I fix my own issues,” continued a contrite Joao. “If I were better towards her, she might have been better to towards me…”

Joao also defends stringing both Brooke Laughton and Kasey Cohen along in an unconsummated love triangle, which he denies is a love triangle. “My flirting was just me trying to be funny and make them smile. I didn’t realize that they would both like me and when I got the attention back, I had no clue what to do with it. I didn’t intend for it to be like that. Seeing the show has made me see how insecure I really was. I knew who I wanted to be with but it was more about deciding to be with someone or not at all… I wasn’t ready for anything serious at all.”

Shockingly, Joao tweeted that Below Deck Med made him reevaluate himself. “To be honest, after the pressure of the show I had changed in a big way almost straight away when we were done. Now seeing the show has made me see the extent at which I really needed to make those changes. And make them permanent.” I feel like I want to give this guy another chance – what about y’all?

Joao Franco Apologizes For His Behavior On Below Deck Mediterranean


[Photo Credit: Bravo]