Hannah Ferrier Says She & Captain Sandy Yawn Have Worked Through Their Issues; Kasey Cohen Dishes On Love Triangle With Joao Franco & Brooke Laughton

That last episode of Below Deck Mediterranean made it seem like Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy Yawn’s working relationship was done for good. They’ve had tension all season long and then all hell broke loose when Hannah went off with the charter guests to sip a soda without keeping her boss in the loop.

On last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, Hannah dished on where she and Captain Sandy stand these days. Kasey Cohen shared her side of that love triangle with Joao Franco and Brooke Laughton. Jamie Jason was there- just staying out of the drama like she has been all season long on Below Deck Med.

Kasey told Andy Cohen, “I kind of want to reiterate what Brooke said. He was telling us one thing. Like I knew one thing. She knew another thing. I think we didn’t really realize that he was kind of trying.. not trying, but playing both a bit, you know? And I don’t even know if he realized, to be honest with you.”

Andy asked Kasey, “What first attracted you to Joao?”  She explained, “You know when I was seasick, I didn’t really have too many people trying to be my friend and try to be there for me.” She added, “Joao was actually very there for me. He was a very good friend to me and he took care of me. Unfortunately, you guys did not get to see that, but he took really good care of me.”

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Andy wondered, “Did you worry that part of his interest in you was his obsession with breaking your no sex streak?” After a long pause, Kasey answered, “No. I mean I think it was a challenge to him.” Did she not watch the show? Joao was so into the idea of breaking that no sex streak?

Once Andy asked Kasey all of those Joao-centered questions, he asked about the other person in that love triangle: Brooke. Specifically, he referenced a comment that Colin Macy-O’Toole made about Brooke when he was a guest in the Bravo Clubhouse. Andy said, “When Colin was on Watch What Happens Live, he said ‘A pencil could say something to Brooke and she would date that pencil.’ Do you agree?”

Kasey said, “I wouldn’t say it so harshly. I think that she’s just so obsessed… She loves love, you know? Who doesn’t? I think it’s nice that she’s hopeful.” So she does agree? Or she doesn’t? That answer backtracked halfway through, didn’t it?

Then Andy turned his attention to the other romance on the yacht- the one between Hannah and Conrad Empson. Hannah flipped out at Conrad when he told her that she owed him 50 Euros. For the record, I checked and this is about $58.39 in US dollars, Andy polled the audience “Did Hannah overreact about the 50 Euros? Or was she in the right?”

Hannah didn’t even wait for the poll results. She took ownership over her behavior and admitted, “I one hundred percent overreacted.” She justified her overreaction by saying, “I think sometimes when you’re going through stress, anxiety, and things like that you tend to take it out on the person that’s closest to you.”

Then Andy asked Jamie, “Does Captain Sandy play favorites in an unfair way? She has it out for Hannah and Conrad a little bit.” She answered, “There was definitely favoritism there.”

Joao says things were smoother when Hannah was sick 

Andy commented, “It seemed like you started being a little nastier to Brooke when she started dating Joao.” Hannah refused to admit that and told him, “No. We always see that in interview and you don’t actually see that happening on the boat. So I feel like there was definitely a bit of a disconnect with our relationship, but you know these things happen.”

The episode took a random, yet exciting, turn when Andy pointed out that Kasey has a bunch of photos with Ariana Grande on her Instagram page because they are actually close friends. Kasey revealed, “I started out as a fan and then I ended up having mutual friends with her and then we became friendly.” Andy should have pushed her for some Pete Davidson engagement scoop, but there was just so much Below Deck Med drama to cover and not enough time.

All three cast members were asked to name their biggest regret from the season. Jamie answered, “Getting sick” which was not at all her fault, but then again she hasn’t really had much screen time to actually “regret” anything at this point in the season. Kasey cited “lying on my CV” as her biggest regret which is completely understandable. That was a major mistake.

The most surprising answer was Hannah’s. She admitted that her biggest regret from the season was “probably not communicating with Sandy. That was my bad there. I should have let her know about what was going on.” She also revealed, “Sandy and I have actually sat down. [We] had a chat. We hashed through our issues. We both apologized so we’re in a really good place now, so that’s a good thing.”