Gina meets Shane

We all have Kelly Dodd to thank for bringing excitement to the last episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. She got into with Vicki Gunvalson’s man Steve Lodge, Emily Simpson, and Emily’s husband Shane Simpson. The end of that episode was nothing short of explosive.

Kelly called out Steve for talking poorly about her to the press. Emily’s husband Shane randomly stepped in, prompting Kelly to call him a “little bitch.” Emily threatened to “kill” Kelly. To say things “got out of hand” does not do it justice.

Gina Kirschenheiter opened up about the last episode in a Bravo blog post. Before Kelly got into it with Shane, Gina had her first post-drama meeting with Shane herself.

Gina admitted, “I was anxious about meeting Shane for the first time. Our first encounter was obviously less than pleasant. Being who I am I decided to break the ice and ease the tension by keeping it light and making a joke about the situation. I find comfort with humor in uncomfortable situations. It didn’t go quite as I planned. I was taken aback when I tried to laugh it off and give him a hug and he told me I should calm down dryly.” It’s safe to say that Shane will not be one of the fan favorites among the husbands in this franchise.

Kelly Dodd Claims Vicki Gunvalson Asked Steve Lodge To Talk Poorly About Her In The Press

Gina concluded, “It was disappointing to me. I felt like it was a clear message that he wasn’t into being all haha about it, and so I avoided him the rest of the night.”

During the last episode, Gina admitted to Emily that she and her chronically absent husband Matt Kirschenheiter were having some difficulties in their marriage. Gina wrote, “I didn’t go to the party with the intention to open up to anyone. Emily actually saw it on my face and pulled me aside. I felt comfortable with her at that point. When a friend is in tune with you to the point where they can sense you are off, it makes you feel secure enough to open up. I just really needed a hug in this moment. She knew that, and that’s what she did.”

And then she finally got to the Kelly drama. Gina wrote, “It’s interesting to see it all unfold. I didn’t really understand what was going on until it was at the height of it. I think it’s obvious that Kelly didn’t know Shane was Emily’s husband. But regardless, he was a guest in Tamra’s [Judge] home. I think Shane could have just walked away when Steve did. Kelly could have never walked over there in the first place. It was a bad display of behavior by everyone involved. I was shocked that it reached the level that it did. It was unfortunate.” It was unfortunate, but it made for great television.


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