Brand New Seasons Of Love After Lockup & 90 Day Fiance Announced!

Brand New Seasons Of Love After Lockup & 90 Day Fiance Announced!

This fall and winter are about to get a whole lot better because the geniuses at Sharp Entertainment are giving the people more of what we’re asking for: brand new trainwrecks! Our dearly beloved Love After Lockup is all set to premiere this December on WEtv for its second season, and the OG of TLC’s “90 Day” universe – 90 Day Fiance – will premiere its season 6 installment on October 21. Yes, things are about to get a little bit more stupider.

An all new cast of prison inmates and their pen-pal lovahs will grace our screens for season two of Love After Lockup, and if it’s anything like season one, we are in for a rare treat. Last year we witnessed a Mormon mom marry an ex-gangster, complete with a wedding cake in traditional Crip colors. Really, what more can you ask for?

This season, let’s hope WEtv rounds up a selection of inmates that actually get out of prison (and stay out), rather than the letdown of last season’s somewhat bitter endings. Here’s a tip, inmates: No cell phones, no drugs, no fights. We need you on the outside for this show to happen!

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90 Day Fiance will also bring us an all-new cast of couples for its sixth season, following foreigners who travel to the U.S. on a K1 “fiance” visa to marry the Americans who’ve won their hearts.

TLC’s juggernaut of 90 Day Fiance has branched into several versions of the original show, including Before The 90 Days (currently airing its second season), Happily Ever After, and What Now?. There’s also a 2019 version of the franchise currently in the works, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, which will follow Americans as they travel abroad to marry their foreign fiances and set up a new life in a different country.

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But regular ole’ 90 Day Fiance is where all of the madness started, and we get to return to the original formula October 21st as we follow an assortment of engaged couples through three months together in the U.S. They’ll face the criticisms of friends and family, living together for the first time, and ultimately deciding if their 90 days together will result in marriage. Or moving in to a storage shed. (See: Annie, David.)

Whatever comes our way, we can be assured that the stakes will be as high, the drama will be crazy, and the TV-viewing will be absolutely addicting. Click here to get a first look at TLC’s new 90 Day Fiance couples!


Photo Credit: WEtv