Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd is at war with Vicki Gunvalson, although she’s pretending her issues are with Steve Lodge, even though she’s taking it all out on Shane. Or whoever else is nearby. Except not anymore, now she’s back to poking Vicki with daggers.

The Real Housewives Of Orange County star has seen Vicki date gold digger after gold digger, apparently, and is just trying to help a friend out by warning her about SteveKelly insists, “My concern is genuine. I see a pattern with the men Vicki dates, and I’m calling red flags as I see them, because I don’t want to see her get hurt again.” 

Because Kelly was just “concerned” when she talked crap to Tamra Judge about Vicki and Steve, she’s annoyed that Tamra repeated it and made her sound like a gossip. “When I approached Tamra to talk about Vicki’s phone call to me, it wasn’t to talk behind Vicki’s back. It was so I could call Tamra out for telling Vicki what I had told her about Steve!”

Kelly claims her discussion with Tamra never would’ve turned into a fight because “Tamra and I can have those conversations maturely.” Oh? Define “Mature.”

Instead, Kelly was actually warning Tamra that her trust had been broken. “I just thought, really? I have to watch what I say to Tamra now? That was that, but I had no intention of starting drama. I owned it, because I always own the things I say. Vicki knows me, and she’s a big girl.”

Now onto Gina Kirschenbullshitterfluffernutterringalingadingdong’s divorce! Which is the clearest indicator, like ever, that Gina is a heathen careening straight to hell on a runaway rollercoaster car! As navigated by Vicki’s moral compass (which means Gina will actually wind up in heaven). Anyway, Kelly and everyone else don’t understand why Gina is leaving Mystery Meat Matt, but now Kelly wants us to leave homegirl alone.

“I think everyone is a little confused about Gina’s divorce, but it’s Gina’s private life, and it’s up to her to decide what she wants to share with the group,” a newly adult Kelly writes in her Bravo Blog. “She needs our support, and seeing her get emotional about it, I don’t think it’s as easy of an experience as she’s making it out to be.” So glad Kelly realized this after the show!

“I think when Vicki attacked Gina’s morality, that was crossing the line and came across close-minded. If you believe in a loving and forgiving God, you should accept other people’s faiths the way you’d want them to accept yours—even if their faith is that they have no faith at all.” That’s so nice Kelly! Too bad you also attacked Gina’s morality when you insisted that she should believe because Jesus gives people presents.

Finally, Kelly Vs. Shane, the dork-off. Kelly says deciding to apologize as a “no-brainer,” but maintains that she is not responsible for Emily Simpson‘s husband being vertically challenged! “I was definitely heated in the moment, and I said some inappropriate things. I was more than willing to own up to my own behavior. If I had realized he was Emily’s husband in that moment, I would have been more respectful. After all, he can’t help it if he’s little!”

Kelly No Longer Has Issues With Shane; Genuinely Likes Emily!

“…apologizing to Shane was a little awkward, but worth it for Emily’s sake. This could have gone either way: I could have been defensive and called him a dork again, or I could just suck it up,” Kelly reflects. “My daughter was there, so I felt like I should have some decorum. I also really like Emily (and Shane’s mom!), so I chose to take his ‘snarkasm’ like a champ.” Errrr… congrats?


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