LeeAnne Locken blog and preview

The Real Housewives of Dallas is back tonight with a new episode that promises a lot of drama, but first we are checking in with LeeAnne Locken to get her take on last week’s chaos.

Instead of writing a summary blog, LeeAnne basically did a live recap of the entire episode. We’ll pare it way, way, way down for you! She starts off with a dig at D’Andra Simmons, “Welcome back to Dallas where we will now begin calling it Double Standard Dallas because of Double Standard D’Andra Simmons!”

LeeAnne defends her desire to have the smashing party, “My Smashing Good Time Party was about coming together not growing apart! Instead of listening to what I am saying she takes the first opportunity she can to poke jokes at meditation and my past anger. So I had to EXPLAIN meditation and the actual THERAPEUTICAL PROCESS of Smashing Things! Seriously y’all! Google it! And NO GIRL, no one was gonna “throw plates at your head” so why even put that out in the universe? Oh, that’s right, to continue the mission of explaining to the world how you are so much better than everyone. Got it!”

She then rips D’Andra about her business issues, “So when I asked what THE PLAN is to take HNGM on your own, I got a lot of mumbo-jumbo about starting over, how scary it is, blah blah blah. I asked what your PLAN was. Kinda like a nicer version of how you DEMANDED to know what my Wedding Plans are.”

LeeAnne does regret calling D’Andra lazy when the word she should’ve used is scared, “When I told her she was lazy what I should have said was YOU ARE SCARED! You have the same fear of starting from scratch that I had of getting married. Wouldn’t it have been easier for us to lean on each other and help one another rather than you attacking me? Guess not.”

She is irked that D’Andra has no clue how much household expenses are. “please don’t tell me how -you pay for your household expenses when you don’t even know how much they are! Your step-father left you enough money to take care of your home and lifestyle for the rest of your life, you aren’t “earning” it!”

LeeAnne watched the scene between Cary and D’Andra and shared, “D’Andra walks in with the intention of being stressed out, sad D’Andra, she even cries, UNTIL Cary tells her about the moment I went to Cary for help! Then suddenly, IT ALL STOPS. We went from Cary having to wipe your tears to a very odd laughter that just takes over and then the denying begins. So if you have FIVE bank accounts and you shovel money around WHY were you FREAKING OUT in Beaver Creek?”

LeeAnne then shares, “Let me clear with you about what happened in BC when I went to Cary. DAndra came back from Vail drunk and crying about how much money she had to put on the company, her mother’s company, credit card. She was freaking out at how mad her mom was going to be at her. Then she blurted out that she only had $200 in her bank account and she was totally stressed out. At that point, what I thought would be a “good friend” aka smart move was to go to Cary, with whom I was developing a friendship and ask for her to HELP ME to HELP D’Andra return some of the items to the store. Sadly, I was too tired to think about how I said things so I told the truth. “she is in her room right now crying because she spent too much money and she only has $200 in her bank account and will you help me get what we can return?” is exactly what I asked of Cary. I did not say it in a condescending way or making fun of her way! I said it in a help me, help her way! Was this how it was repeated? Guess we will find out soon enough.”

She continues, “In the sit down what I don’t understand is the word “humiliating.” Why is it humiliating to only have $200 in a bank account? I have had much less than that in my lifetime! This is where the cracks of D’Andras truth start showing. This saddens me. I was never her friend because she had money! I never asked for a dime the entire time we were friends! Money doesn’t make a friendship, honesty does!”

LeeAnne is amused by the car ride scene between Brandi and D’Andra, “Watching the car ride with Brandi Redmond & D’Andra is hilarious. They are both trying so hard to talk crap about me and my party but for what reason? For Brandi to make fun of this actually unique form of therapy shows you how unwilling she is to just accept that I am still a part of this group. That is sad to me. Then WAIT! What did D’Andra just say? That’s right, I REPEATED EXACTLY what she TOLD ME. If it was just her “shopping account” WHY were you SO STRESSED OUT? You can’t HAVE MONEY and be stressed about SPENDING MONEY you don’t have! Double Standards.”

She blasts, “why are both Brandi and D’Andra saying I am insecure about MY finances? I have worked HARD my whole life! I am not insecure about my finances at all. This is an insightful moment of them bonding over BS about me! Keep making stuff up!”

LeeAnne added, “I did not tell “people” how much money you had, I told Cary! Then she says almost exactly what I said- “Oh D’Andra came back from shopping and she is so upset because I had $200 in my bank account”. THAT IS THE TRUTH! Then it gets blown out of proportion to “everybody in Dallas says D’Andra has $200 to her name”, then there is that word again, humiliating. I just don’t get it. Then the tears. So while I am trying to explain it to her, she doesn’t want to listen. She doesn’t care what was actually said because the drama has taken her over and that is so much more important right now. She isn’t actually sad, she is just loving the attention and hoping to make everyone hate on me.”

She’s almost hopeful that she and Brandi have something to bond over: growing up poor. “Then words of wisdom from Brandi … “It shouldn’t be humiliating. I grew up in a trailer.” Me too Brandi! For several years! You see how we could actually connect on some level to try and help her? I can dream!”

LeeAnne then loses her shit watching D’Andra’s confessional. “WAIT, WHAT? Did D’Andra just say in her confessional that she is “having financial trouble right now” again, I am SO CONFUSED! You have money? You don’t have money? You aren’t in financial trouble? You are in financial trouble? MY GOD I’M DIZZY!”

She ends her blog with a bit of a peek into tonight’s episode, “Well that’s about all I can take for this week. Dust off the drama and get some sleep cause next week it’s gonna be a DOOZY!”

Seriously, this blog was hellllllla long, so if you want to read the entire thing, check it out on Bravo.

LeeAnne Locken blog and preview

Join us back here tonight to snark our way through the new episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

“Brandi invites all of the ladies to sip n’ spend at her Brandiland pop-up shop. Stephanie encourages the women to focus on self-care and hosts an epic spa day at her newly remodeled home. LeeAnne takes “L’Infinite” dress to the next level by modeling it in a special stop-motion photoshoot, while Kameron faces off with Court in a fight for the future of Sparkle Dog. D’Andra confronts LeeAnne about spreading rumors about her finances and Cary tells Kameron about a secret gag gift that sends Brandi over the edge.”


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