Vicki Gunvalson Claims Kelly Dodd Has Completely Changed Since She Divorced Michael

Vicki Gunvalson does not like her relationships to be the center of the storylines on The Real Housewives of Orange County. At least not for negative reasons. Yet, Vicki finds herself there once again this season. Her co-stars are now questioning whether Steve Lodge is a good pick for her and Vicki is not happy about it. She also lashes out at Kelly Dodd, pointing out how much Kelly has changed since her divorce.

Vicki started off her latest episode rehash by defending her friendship with Chef Domenico, “I was shocked to hear Tamra say I should be dating him over Steve. First of all, I love Steve and was taken back by that comment. Domenico has been married the entire time I have known him, and to also set the record straight, I have never ever had any indiscretions with him nor would I.”

Vicki writes, “It’s so painful to hear some of my friends bashing Steve.”

She’s fed up with the ladies for questioning Steve‘s motives and his finances. “Kelly tried once again to stir up gossip with Tamra. Saying that Steve doesn’t have a home is ridiculous. Why does she have any concern about what Steve owns? And by the way, the answer is YES, he owns a home. And yes, my home is too big for me to live in by myself, so last year we decided to have him move in with me, or I was going to sell it.”

Tamra regrets saying that Vicki doesn’t love Steve

She continued, “I LOVE Steve and love spending time with him every day, so it makes sense for us to live together. Why would “Jelly Kelly” have anything to say about that? What we do doesn’t affect her life at all. Steve and I are both very private about our finances, and quite frankly it’s none of anyone’s business how much money we have. We don’t care about her finances, so why does she care about ours?”

Vicki then adds, “Steve and I were very close to Kelly and Michael when they were married, but since she divorced Michael, she has completely changed. I care for Kelly a lot, and when she is ready to be kind and nice and apologize, I’d be happy to talk it out.”


Photo Credit: Bravo TV