Tamra Judge

Out of all the husbands (and boyfriends) in Real Housewives history, Vicki Gunvalson’s man Steve Lodge seems to be one of the least opportunistic of them all. However, that’s not what Vicki’s friend-turned-frienemy Kelly Dodd is claiming. She told Tamra Judge that Steve is only with Vicki for her money. Nevertheless, it seem like appearing on Real Housewives of Orange County is the last thing that Steve wants to do.

Of course, Tamra did what she does best: stirred the pot. She told Vicki what Kelly said the next time she saw her. To be honest, that was the right thing to do, especially if Kelly was spreading that around to other people (which she most likely was), but it’s also setting up a major explosion the next time Vicki and Kelly see each other in person. Not only that, but Tamra also questioned if Steve really loved Vicki… even though she just told him to marry Vicki during the previous episode.

Tamra opened up about the latest episode in a Bravo blog post. She was asked, “What did you think about Kelly saying Steve is only with Vicki for her money?” Tamra is no stranger to someone talking about her man. This was her story line all last season.

Tamra wrote, “Oh boy, here we go with rumors. At this point in my life, I don’t believe anything unless I see it with my own eyes or hear it with my ears from that person. I heard some rumors when they broke up. I went directly to Vicki to tell her, and we never spoke about it again. I have a feeling I’m not the only one that heard it, and it’s about to come out!” Wait. They broke up? What did I miss?

Tamra continued, “Kelly and Steve clearly have unsettled business. Things went bad after Michael [Dodd] was set up with Vicki’s friend. Then Steve went to Page 6 to take the blame off of Vicki and put the blame on himself. Not sure I agree with that tactic.” It definitely wasn’t the best move to make, especially for a guy who genuinely has zero interest in Housewife drama.

 Kelly Dodd Claims Vicki Gunvalson Had A Friend Spread Lies About Her & Tamra Judge

Tamra wrote, “I feel like Kelly is just clapping back with things she heard around town. I’m pretty sure everybody in this group has done that when upset, especially Vicki! When Vicki came over, I told her what was said. I don’t want any surprises, and I certainly don’t want it to get back to Vicki and make her think I was spreading rumors. The game of telephone can be hurtful.” Sure, “the game of telephone can be hurtful,” but Tamra is also doing what she can to keep this show alive and get this story line going. This what she truly excels at.

Sure, Tamra is a master when it comes to stirring the pot, but she actually does have some regret. She previously claimed that Vicki does not love Steve, and get ready for this: she’s taking it back and apologizing. This not something that happens often.

Tamra explained, “At this point, I’m just getting to know Vicki and Steve as a couple. One minute I’m rallying for Vicki and Steve to get married, the next minute I’m wondering does she really love him? Vicki has said things to me like, ‘Do I need to be fixed up with the matchmaker?; When I say, ‘NO,’ she says, ‘I’ll call you later.; That seems a little suspicious. Not a comment I would make if I were in a loving relationship.” Such a good point, Tamra. Why would someone in a happy relationship inquire about getting a matchmaker? That’s really not a good look. At all.

Tamra concluded, “I’ve now been around Steve and Vicki for about eight months, and I would have to say that Vicki is truly in love. I’m very sorry to have made that comment, but sometimes my big mouth ‘calls em like I sees em.'”


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