Jeff Lewis Says His Bravo Contract Has Not Been Renewed & He Wants To Do A Show With Bethenny Frankel; Discusses Feud With Jenni Pulos

Most people get tight lipped when they are in the middle of a lawsuit, but Jeff Lewis is not one of those people and that’s why his fans love him. Jeff, his partner Gage Edward , and Bravo, are being sued by the surrogate who carried their daughter Monroe after the birth was featured on their show Flipping Out.

That’s not the only major drama going on behind the scenes though. Jeff and his former BFF/assistant Jenni Pulos are in a major feud after he says she told Bravo bosses that he was “abusive.”

In an interview with Jenny McCarthy on her Sirius radio show, Jeff admitted that he was unsure about the future of Flipping Out. Jeff revealed, “Because of all the issues that have been going on with me, the pending lawsuit and also the radio show has created a lot of problems for me at Bravo because I’ve talked about behind-the-scenes. I’ve talked about contracts.”

Not only that, but Jeff shared, “I’ve had a lot of heat from Bravo. They have not renewed my contact. It expires on October 15 and I’m looking for a job.” Jenny McCarthy asked, “Are you nervous that you’re not going to get resigned?” He admitted, “I am nervous.” He later revealed, “Did you know I’m on restriction from Bravo? They’ve banned all Bravo guests from my show. They’re punishing me.”

If Flipping Out does not get renewed, Jeff has an idea for a new Bravo show. He shared, “I like Bethenny [Frankel] a lot. I have a lot of respect for her.” He shared, “I actually told Bethenny we should have a show together. I don’t know if Fredrik [Eklund] is gonna do that show with her again.” Then he admitted, “I just don’t think Fredrik looked good in that show. I don’t think it’s a good platform for him. I think he’s  great on Million Dollar Listing.”

Just like every interview Jeff has done lately, the conversation turned to his fall out with Jenni, especially after he posted a photo to promote the show with a big “X” across her face. Jeff said, “I was promoting the show and I put up a picture on social media with Jenni and myself and I put a red ‘X’ over her face. This is actually kind of a funny story. Bravo immediately started calling me and they called me all day. ‘Please take this down. Please take this down. Please take this down. Please take this down.’ At the end of the day, the SVP, the big boss, sent me a simple text.”

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After that, Jeff admitted, “I took it right down.” He continued, “I thought it was funny. I meant it as a joke. If we’re trying to promote the show, a lot of people saw that. I understand now that I understand the message that they wanted me to send.” He confessed, “She hasn’t talked to me for three months.” He pointed out, “We’ve been friends for sixteen years.”

Jeff explained why he is so upset by their falling out: “If we have a disagreement, I’m still not going to our boss to complain about you. I’m gonna wait. I’m gonna give it a minute and I’m gonna approach you again.” He continued, “She went to our bosses and got me in some trouble and that was unnecessary because that was something we could have worked out on our own.” Fair enough.

Even so, he doesn’t think that it was devious on her part. He admitted, “I just think truly it was an emotional, knee jerk, not planned reaction and I honestly think she regrets it. What I would love right now, which would help with the healing process, call me, Jenni. Call me. Tell me what you were thinking. Apologize. Let’s talk about this.” Please talk about this. If not for your relationship, at least for the fandom.

Jeff also dished on the latest gossip regarding Lisa Vanderpump. He thinks LVP is ghosting Bravo and the her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars. Jeff doesn’t think she’ll leave the show. “She’s very tied in to Bravo with Vanderpump Rules and all of that.” Jeff and Jenny McCarthy agree that it’d be a fine move for her to move over to Vanderpump Rules and just be the queen bee over there if does decide to drop RHOBH.

He once again addressed the wine throwing episode he was part of with Brandi Glanville on Watch What Happens Live. You can listen to that video clip here.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]