WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE WITH ANDY COHEN -- Episode 15154 -- Pictured: (l-r) Shannon Beador, Jeff Lewis -- (Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

Jeff Lewis Says It’s Hard To Get Over Abuse Claims From Jenni Pulos; Shannon Beador Not Interested In Befriending Gina Kirschenheiter At This Point

Jeff Lewis Says It’s Hard To Get Over Abuse Claims From Jenni Pulos; Shannon Beador Not Interested In Befriending Gina Kirschenheiter At This Point

With Shannon Beador and Jeff Lewis in the clubhouse, there was bound to be ample amounts of shade on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. Well, with Jeff Lewis and Andy Cohen, there’s bound to be ample amounts of shade. Shannon is more of a ‘straight to the point’ kind of girl than a shade thrower.

Shannon and Jeff discussed everything from Real Housewives of Orange County newcomer Gina Kirschenheiter, Vicki Gunvalson’s anti-divorce campaign, and of course, Jeff’s feud with Flipping Out costar Jenni Pulos.

After Andy complimented Shannon on her high ponytail, Shannon told him, “I was married to someone who said ‘Do not put your hair back,’ so I put my hair back.” Good for you Shannon. Cue, the obvious Mean Girls reference. Shannon, your hair looks sexy pushed back.

Switching gears completely, Andy asked Jeff if he and Gage Edward are going to have another child. Jeff used this opportunity to allude to the current lawsuit with the surrogate they used for their baby Monroe, answering, “We might have trouble finding a surrogate, so we’re gonna have to keep looking because I don’t think we could use the one we had before. We would like to. So we’ll see.” Even Andy pointed out, “Boy, you don’t stop do you?” Nope. The shade just keeps on coming.

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Then Jeff chimed in on Vicki’s very repetitive comments about how she regrets not trying harder to be a better wife. Jeff said what most of the viewers at home have been thinking: “What bothers me is that Vicki keeps how she would have [needed] to work on that marriage, which I think is very disrespectful to her current boyfriend. It’s just constant, constant, constant like she made a mistake.”

When asked about her dating life, Shannon answered, “Well, I just got out of a twenty year relationship. What’s interesting is that David [Beador] moved in with his girlfriend today, within a year’s time.” She declared, “I’m having fun right now and that’s what I want to do.”

Later in the episode, a caller asked Jeff, “Have you met her new man and do you like him?” Clearly these two were not on the same page last night since Jeff said, “I have. I have. He’s here. He’s here.” And then he looked at Shannon and rhetorically asked, “Am I not supposed to say that?” Clearly not. Shannon was definitely caught off guard by that moment. He tried to retract his statement and lied, “No, I haven’t met him.” Ultimately Jeff concluded, “Yeah, nice guy.” Well, that’s good at least, even though Shannon clearly wanted a bit of privacy for once.

Andy said that he heard David’s girlfriend is pregnant. Shannon told him “I don’t know, but I don’t think she is. I haven’t heard that.” I guess we will see….

Then Andy essentially invited Jeff to shade several Bravolebrities, prompting him to share the first question he would ask each of them. When Vicki was mentioned, Jeff admitted, “I would probably ask about Brooks [Ayers]. She’s not gonna answer, but if she knew about the cancer… or had an indication.” I don’t blame him. There’s zero chance that she would actually answer, but it is the one thing we all want to know.

What would Jeff ask Carole Radziwill? He shared, “I would ask her if she really indeed quit or if she was fired, even though I know the answer.” Which is!? I wish he just said it. He was on live TV. Sure, Andy wouldn’t have been happy, but the fandom would just love to know.

When it comes to Gina, Jeff said, “I would ask about Matt [Kirschenheiter]. I wonder if Matt, who is living in LA, was maybe seeing someone else. I allegedly think he was probably cheating on her.”

It was only a matter of time before Andy asked about Jeff’s feud with Jenni. He asked, “Can you envision the two of you being friends again?” Jeff answered, “I’m a very, very forgiving guy and never say never, but when someone reports abuse to your bosses, that’s kind of something that’s hard to get over.”

Shannon chimed in with, “I give it a couple years.” She told Jeff, “You’re like me. It takes time to process.” Then Jeff admitted, “I’ve been watching the show and I already miss her, but just when someone crosses the line, it’s hard to get over.” This season of Flipping Out is going to get messy.

Then they played a preview for next week’s Real Housewives of Orange County episode where Gina is upset that Shannon is slow to warm up to the idea of being friends with her. Shannon countered with, “I launched a food line in six months, which is unheard of. I was a single mom of three going through a nasty divorce. If being friends with some new girl- who, oh by the way has been judging me and stirring the pot so far- I’m not going to put those other things underneath and put her at the top of my totem pole. Sorry.” So clearly they are not besties at this point in time.

A viewer asked Jeff, “When are you going to marry Gage?” Get ready for this one. Jeff confessed, “I was just talking to my good friend Julie Grossi over there about that on the plane ride. I’m not going to propose to him on air, but I’m considering it and I think he’s probably shocked right now.” Let’s just hope they film it for a Flipping Out wedding special because Jeff trying to plan a wedding is bound to be stressful, shady, and entertaining.