90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Stars Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester Continue Provoking Each Other on Social Media

We all knew the toxic miasma that was the relationship of Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days wouldn’t end with the season finale. We knew their bickering wouldn’t be confined to the parameters of a weekly television series. No, Darcey and (especially) Jesse find it perfectly necessary and appropriate to continuously take jabs at each other on social media.

There are currently three main triggering topics for these guys. The first is who actually paid for the summer trip to Greece that they took as a happy couple in the summer of 2017. Darcey claims she was the one to foot the bill, and her sister Stacey backed her up when she was interviewed on the live after show.

Jesse, responding to a comment on his Instagram said, “To claim you paid for a trip to Greece that I paid for you is despicable. That was a surprise I arranged for her.”  Then he tweeted this statement, posted on Instagram by reality TV blogger John Yates, “I paid all 13 (business class) flights to the US myself. And the Greece trip for us both because she has no money.”

Which brings us to triggering topic number two; Darcey’s financial situation.  Jesse claims she is allegedly struggling to pay off her debts and had to sell the promise ring he gave her.

Darcey Silva’s sister dishes details on 90 Day Fiance fight

Darcey responded on her Instagram by posting a picture of the rings, “I am no longer affected by the manipulation and lies. I will however come to my own defense and stand up for myself as they continue to roll out (the lies).  The rings i supposedly sold bc I needed the money lol..are right here.  They are not worth my time or energy.”

The final hot-button topic is what exactly happened between Darcey and Jesse at their hotel between the afternoon of their infamous breakup and when the cameras were back the following morning. When interviewed by producers, the two had conflicting answers. Darcey claimed they were intimate while Jesse flatly denied it. Darcey had posted a clip from 90 Day Fiance footage of the hotel room scene with her commentary but quickly deleted it.

Let’s leave it to Jesse to throw in one last jab, ” It’s not my problem anymore although I kinda felt sad she was still dealing with the same issues. But after people sent me screenshots of her behavior with the most disgraceful lies and classless statements about that we had sex in a hotel room I paid for, that I gave to her when she started drama. And then to say how she was not treated right and she paid for a trip? Lol. My last bit of empathy is gone.”


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