Shannon in Jamaica

Shannon Beador Denies Being Rude To Emily Simpson & Gina Kirschenheiter In Jamaica

No one can deny that Shannon Beador is going through a lot these days with her tumultuous divorce. Nevertheless, it’s not as if she signed on for another Real Housewives of Orange County season against her will. She agreed to be on this show, and part of that should include interacting with all the cast members.

Shannon has made it clear that she has zero interest in Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter. Say what you want about the two new Housewives, but this just isn’t a good look for Shannon. Can’t she just give them a chance- on camera- and then decide that she wants nothing to do with them? Plus she’s giving them a storyline since they’re both complaining about how she won’t be friends with them in pretty much every episode.

When the Housewives write their Bravo blogs, it’s an opportunity to clarify situations and own their mistakes…. or at least that’s what it could be. Apparently Shannon does not see it that way. She did not own one thing she did during the last episode in her latest Bravo blog post.

Pretty much everyone thought it was rude when Shannon refused to room with Emily and Gina in Jamaica. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to room with the people she’s closest with, but would it kill her to vocalize that in a more polite manner? Shannon gave her take on the situation: “When Kelly [Dodd] suggested I room with Emily and Gina, I thought that was strange. I don’t necessarily think I was rude, I was just honest. I wanted to have a fun trip and sleep in a room with people I was comfortable with.

  Shannon Beador Blames Gina Kirschenheiter & Emily Simpson For Her Lack Of Friendships With Them

Shannon insisted, “When you travel with people, you get to know them. I planned to do that on the vacation.” Maybe the editors just took out all the times when Shannon mentioned that she wants to bond with Emily and Gina in Jamaica….

Still, I don’t blame Shannon for this remark: “Not so sure the old folk’s home comment was the nicest, but you didn’t hear me complaining about it.” Most people would be offended by that. I’ll give Shannon that one.

Shannon admitted, “There is an obvious distance between Emily, Gina, and I.” She continued, “I haven’t made them a priority, because I don’t think they have been the kindest. Tamra [Judge] and Kelly continually say nice things about them, so my plan for the trip was to spend more time with them to get to know them.”Was it really though?

Shannon insists,”You can’t force a friendship.” Fair enough, but at least try a teeny bit. Shannon pointed out, “It does seem that they sure do like to bring me up a lot. Don’t they have other things to talk about?” That’s the whole premise of this show. They all talk about each other’s lives.

The one moment that really had to sting is when Tamra told Emily and Gina that her husband thinks she “enables” Shannon. Shannon confessed, “It is not easy to watch Tamra say negative things about me. I thought we had the type of friendship where she would come to me instead of talking behind my back to girls that really don’t know anything about me.”

She denied Tamra’s claims and insisted, “I don’t wake up with a negative comment every single day. That is an exaggeration.”

She reminded us all, “I am going through the most difficult six months of my life. Being sad about a failed marriage and all the things that come with it doesn’t not make me an unhappy person. Single life isn’t ‘awesome’ when you are going through an extremely nasty and contentious divorce. I am entitled to be sad in a very devastating period of my life.” She absolutely entitled to be sad, but she should recognize that there are other people on this show with problems of their own.

Shannon wrote, “Vicki [Gunvalson] and I had a ball with Leroy, our raft guide. We laughed so hard trying to get all three of us to sing a “round” of Row Your Boat. And then Vicki got bug spray in her eye which really irritated it. I couldn’t stop laughing. Not sure we were Debbie Downers.” If they weren’t the Debbie Downers of the trip, then who was?


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