90 Day Fiance Preview: Larissa Hates Las Vegas, Leida Is Disappointed In Eric

Reality is about to set in for a few of the couples on tonight’s 90 Day Fiance. After being introduced to our players last week, we’ll see the progression of their K1 visa journeys tonight when some of the couples are reunited – and one new American begins his journey abroad!

Olga, from Russia, is pregnant by 20-year old Steven. Their summertime tryst in Ocean City, MD, turned into a lifetime commitment when – after spending only three months together – Olga became pregnant. Now Steven, who works as a waiter and couch surfs at his friends’ apartments to get by, plans to travel to Russia to witness the birth of their baby and decide whether he and Olga will pursue marriage via a K1 visa.

Ashley and Jay face the final step of their K1 visa process when Jay goes to the final interview in Jamaica before finding out if he’ll be granted access to the U.S. as Ashley’s fiance.

Back in the good ole’ U.S. of A, Asuelu travels from Samoa to be reunited with his baby mama, Kalani, and to see his son for the first time in months. He’s ready to get half naked in the LAX airport in order to prove his love to Kalani via traditional island dance. But Kalani wonders if he’s also ready for Asuelu to face the firing squad of her family?

Leida, her son, and her extremely judgmental sister travel to NYC from Indonesia to meet up with Eric. He figures, Why force them to see Baraboo, WI, right away? Plenty of time for that crushing disappointment later! Leida, we discover, is not going to be easy to deal with AT ALL. She’s used to servants, cooks, nannies, and chauffeurs. Meanwhile, Eric is used to eggs over easy at the local greasy spoon and Pabst in a can.

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Speaking of terrible matches, Brazilian firecracker Larissa flies to Las Vegas to meet Colt (the Cat Whisperer), and flat out hates everything about the place, the people, and her new life within the first 3 minutes of touch down. Seriously – this is going to be SCARY. Strap on your safety harnesses for this storyline.

Tune in to TLC tonight at 8 Eastern/7 Central for an all new 2-hour episode of 90 Day Fiance. And join us in the comments section to weigh in on the madness!


Photo Credit: TLC