D’Andra Simmons Calls Out LeeAnne Locken & Kameron Westcott For Gossiping About Her

There is no love lost between D’Andra Simmons and her (former?) friends LeeAnne Locken and Kameron Westcott. They were a trio on Season 2 of Real Housewives of Dallas, but Kameron has clearly sided with LeeAnne in the feud with D’Andra.

Now we have all been subjected to several instances of faux concern. D’Andra questioned LeeAnne’s relationship because she did not set a wedding date. LeeAnne accused D’Andra of drinking too much. Kameron was “worried” about D’Andra’s reputation if she continued to hang out with Brandi Redmond.

D’Andra shared her side of the story in a Bravo blog post. She declared, “We can’t get through one episode without LeeAnne’s crocodile tears!”

She wrote, “kudos to Cary [Deuber] for how gracious she has been to LeeAnne lately. If someone accused my husband of cheating on me with other men for two years, and then was screaming in my face about how unfair it is that her own relationship was being scrutinized, I just don’t think I could be that kind. How does Cary do it? Karma is a bitch, and you can thank me later, Cary.” So is she proud of questioning LeeAnne’s intent to get married and spreading cheating rumors about her fiance?

D’Andra wrote, “I NEVER said her relationship is fake—that is a LIE! Also, once again I would like to point out that I was NOT DRUNK at the charity event she and Kameron keep referring to. I was driving! I would never drive my car if I was intoxicated, so let me get this STRAIGHT ONCE AND FOR ALL and put it to bed! She and Kameron are both LYING about this. As my husband pointed out, Brandi and I have had ONE LUNCH together this entire year!”

D’Andra also pointed out, “it is clear that LeeAnne has had more than one drink when she goes on her tirade.” Oh the irony. She also pointed mentioned another ironic sentiment: “Kameron neglected an opportunity to chastise her for bad behavior. How interesting! And LeeAnne is back to her old ways of threatening people. The old LeeAnne is rearing its ugly head.”

D’Andra threw some major shade at Kameron: “How sad it must be to be 35 years old, have your own business, a husband and two children of your own, and still have to be told whom you can and can’t be friends with.” Plus it has to just be so boring to hear about “Dallas society” over and over again.

D’Andra declared, “I still care, but I care less and less each day about what people think. This new attitude doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process. These society people don’t run my life, and they don’t run Dallas, either. This is a very small group of socialites, and as much as LeeAnne believes that Jimmy is all-powerful, she doesn’t have any power over me.”

She also wondered who in Dallas society is supposedly is talking about her, and “wondered” I mean she narrowed down the list to two suspects: Kameron and LeeAnne. D’Andra explained, “Brandi does not even socialize in the same circles that Kameron and I have been in for years, so who is she going to tell about me? Certainly, she isn’t telling anyone we know. The only person who even knows about my awesome “K-cup trick” that belongs to Dallas society is Kameron. So, who could be spreading that story around? The only people that keep bringing it up are Kameron and LeeAnne.” Well, yeah. Obviously. It’s either them or a member of the crew who lives a dual life as a Dallas society member.

D’Andra really went in: “if Jimmy is worried about Kameron’s reputation, she should focus on her new friend LeeAnne, who feels no shame at making a blow job gesture in her confessional! For some reason that’s not concerning to the Westcotts? I wonder how Dallas’ society will react to that.” Pot, meet kettle. How did the Westcotts feel about that? As a viewer, I thought it was hilarious, but I can’t imagine that Dallas society members would feel the same way.

D’Andra insisted, “When I brought up Jimmy and Kameron’s warnings at the reveal, I didn’t do it to start an argument. I was coming from a place of being a hurt friend, and I had NO IDEA that Kameron would react how she did. I honestly thought since Kameron is my friend, she would see it my way and realize how uncomfortable that conversation was.” Kameron, open minded to others’ opinions? That’s not something we’ve seen yet.

She continued, “I just wanted Kameron to know how I felt about it! If she were really concerned for my reputation, she should have come to me directly instead of gossiping about me to her mother-in-law, society, and anyone else who would listen! No wonder she and LeeAnne are getting along so well! Kameron did not want to hear that I wasn’t appreciative of their warnings. I understand her reaction based on her life and its parameters.”

She concluded, “I now realize she walks on eggshells and must follow strict rules in her marriage. I don’t blame her for walking out. If my whole life centered around propping up the Westcott name, the best choice in that situation was probably to just shut it down.” Ouch. D’Andra has really stepped up her shade throwing this season.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]