Emily Simpson Doesn’t Think Shannon Beador & Tamra Judge Genuinely Resolved Their Issues

As awkward as it was to watch, Shannon Beador’s breakdown during the Real Housewives of Orange County cast trip in Jamaica was definitely the climax of the season. Her meltdown involved arguments with every single cast member.

Every woman weighed in on Shannon’s antics with new Housewife Emily Simpson compared Shannon to her own mother who she says suffered with depression. I’m no psychic, but I can’t help anticipating that Shannon (and probably Tamra Judge) will rip into Emily’s  comparison during the reunion episodes.

Emily explained where she was coming from during that last episode in a Bravo blog post. Emily wrote, “Based on my own personal experiences, I noticed a lot of similar behavior patterns between Shannon and my mom.”

Emily explained, “Both suffered a traumatic divorce, which hurt them deeply. Such a comparison was simply based upon circumstances going on in my life currently, and things I dealt with as a child.”She insisted, “This comparison was in no way meant to be malicious or unkind, nor was it ‘unethical’ or ‘unconscionable.'”

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The rookie Housewife continued, “Let’s be honest here: Shannon compared Shane [Simpson] to her ex, David [Beador], without ever meeting Shane. I’m simply making a comparison based upon what I am seeing firsthand. Witnessing Shannon’s behavior in Jamaica just made me hope that she is getting the help that she needs to have a happy and fulfilling life and to be able to move forward positively. She has such great things going on in her life, I just hope she can focus on those.” That is unlikely. She hasn’t exactly been a ray of sunshine these past few seasons. Nevertheless, as frustrating as she has been to watch, I still can’t help rooting for a true Shannon Beador comeback. Let’s hope she can turn things around next season… or better yet that she owned up to her shit during the reunion taping.

Emily admitted, “I feel like we left Jamaica with a lot of uncertainty.” She also threw this remark out there: “I know that Shannon and Tamra ‘made up,’ but I’m not sure how genuine it really was. I think that there still may be unresolved issues between them.” Clearly, but it is more likely that they will put their own issues aside so they can team up against the new girls at the reunion.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]