Catelynn and family celebrate Carly

Teen Mom OG Recap: Back to Square One

Bentley at home

Last night’s episode of Teen Mom OG, how many more times will we witness the fall of Ryan Edwards? Not to sound insensitive, but this man really is in need of help and some tough love from his family and friends. I know we all are taught to love our family unconditionally, but his parents need to give him a good kick in the behind and cut the apron strings. Newsflash…YOU ARE NOT HELPING HIM!

Maci Bookout

Ryan has checked himself in to a 90 day intensive rehabilitation treatment. Of course, his mom, dad and wife get on camera to enable him and make it seem like he has finally realized the error of his ways. Turns out, he will miss the birth of the child with his wife because of the program. Jen and Larry decide that they will talk to Bentley about his dad being in rehab to spin the story give their perspective before anyone else a.k.a Maci. Translation- they don’t want anyone making their precious  child looking bad. I’m sorry Jen and Larry; I appreciate how much you love your grandchild but you are really overstepping your bounds as grandparents. All of these talks with Bentley in an effort to brainwash a child, without talking to their parents first is wrong. How do you tell a child his dad is still on drugs and going to rehab before telling the mother, so she is prepared to answer questions and hold her son at night when he cries. This is just getting ridiculous, now when Maci starts restricting their access don’t say I didn’t warn you…smh

Bentley is starting the fourth grade, to solidify his coming of age he declines being walked to class for the first time. Taylor and Maci talk about how Ryan hasn’t reached out to Bentley in a while and she has essentially given up hope he will be a better communicator.

Ryans mom and wife

Catelynn Baltierra

It’s Carly’s 9th birthday and Tyler and Catelynn celebrate the birth of their first born child with cake and ice cream. Nova is going through a stage where she only wants her mommy. She has a full out tantrum when Tyler tries to give her a bath because he wasn’t Catelynn. Tyler is confused as to whether to fight the battle or just to let her have her way during this phase. I’m no therapist but Nova may have some abandonment issues due to her mom’s stints in rehab and her depression. This may be her way of making sure her mom isn’t going to leave again. The whole situation is sad, they went through so much at a young age and giving their child up for adoption, I just want them to be well and to cherish Nova now that they have her.

Catelynn tries to reach out to Brandon and Teresa, Carly’s adoptive parents to arrange a visit for her birthday. Of course, they deny the request and there is a back and forth and Teresa basically shuts down any further discussion. It must be very hard to have an open adoption, on one hand you can possibly visit or receive pictures but on the other hand you are at the mercy of the adoptive parents and have no control of the situation. For years they have battled to be in Carly’s life, but it just seems like the adoptive parents don’t want them too involved in their daughter’s life. I can see both sides, as the birth parents they probably feel they should have certain allowances. But I can also understand as the adoptive parents, you need you child not be confused and question your authority. I’m not sure who is right, but in the meantime Tyler and Catelynn may need to shower Nova with some extra love and attention.

Tyler and Catelynn meet with their adoption counselor, Dawn to talk about how they may be able to have a better relationship with the adoptive parents. Tyler, per usual, seems like he is more realistic and has adjusted his expectations. Dawn advises them to just ask about Carly rather than just contacting them when they want something. Which I guess makes sense, I’m sure they get tired of someone demanding to see a child they essentially gave up. She also presents Catelynn with a bracelet with all of her kid’s birthstones, which include Carly, Nova and the baby she miscarried. I’m not sure this is the best type of gift for someone with Catelynn’s issues who easily can be triggered by things that remind her of the difficult times in her life, especially in regards to her pregnancies.

 Catelynn and family celebrate Carly

Bristol Palin

Bristol has closed on a new house and preparing to settle in when she finds out about a break-in at Dakota’s house. As if this family didn’t have enough issues, apparently they have a stalker who has been harassing their family since Sarah Palin ran for office. The stalker has set his sights on Bristol and her family and broke into Dakota’s house in Kentucky. Out of fear she decides to take self-defense classes to be able to defend herself in case the stalker comes back since she now will be alone with the kids. Dakota and Bristol have another face time death match argument about who actually cares more about the children’s safety.  I honestly hope her kids have not had to witness all of these arguments, I am an adult under the influence of wine and popcorn and even I feel drained after these two go round for round. Ughhhh..  poor kiddos.

Bristol at self defense

Cheyenne Floyd

Zach comes over to Cheyenne’s house to talk and apologize for their fight. He wants to work on their relationship but she is still confused and mad. Why does it seem like she wants to hold this fight over his head longer than she allowed him to be mad about her actually cheating and producing a child as a result.

Cory drops off baby Ryder and of course he comes in and just makes himself comfortable until Cheyenne tells him her and Zach have made up. Of course, Cory is disappointed and wants to make sure he isn’t living there again a.k.a. projecting his insecurities about him not being in the home with his daughter while another man is.

Teen Mom OG Recap: Back to Square One

Amber Portwood

Gary’s wife Christina had pains in her side and found out she actually was pregnant. But because the fetus is implanted outside of her uterus, her pregnancy had to be terminated. This was very sad to watch, I hope Christina finds some peace after going through such a difficult situation. Amber comes to visit Leah and Gary basically just blurts out about Christina’s miscarriage as if they were talking about dinner, which I found weird. Maybe he is just handling the miscarriage in his own way

Gary has decided to undergo a vasectomy to prevent another miscarriage in the future. Christina has her tubes tied and it’s possible she could have another tubal pregnancy, if he doesn’t have the surgery.  Amber reveals that she and Matt had a miscarriage while they were together and it caused her to be depressed so she understands how Christina may feel.

Amber and Leah

I can’t wait to tune in next week to see when the real OG’s of Teen Mom meet the newbies, Bristol and Cheyenne!


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