Teen Mom OG Finale Episode Recap: Eye to Eye

On this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout has an emotional meeting with Ryan Edwards’ parents. Ryan will be returning from rehab soon. Everyone wants to get on one accord before he arrives home. Hopefully, this team approach will last once Ryan returns home. Unfortunately, Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie Edwards was not at the meeting. This was odd because Maci’s husband, Taylor McKinney had a seat at the table. It’s no secret that she and Maci have butt heads in the past.  Was she not invited as a courtesy to Maci? Or could there be trouble in paradise? According to recent news, Ryan was caught on the dating app Tinder, just weeks after returning from rehab. Let’s hope he doesn’t fall off the sobriety wagon as quickly as he did with being faithful to his wife.

At the meeting, both parties discuss what they can do to move forward in a positive way when Ryan gets home. His parents reveal that he feels like he is Bentley’s uncle, rather than his father. This is largely due to Ryan’s parents having to take the lead in co-parenting Bentley on their side of the family. His mom feels like he still blames her for stepping up.  His father, who is usually stoic, cries about the rift he and his son once had. He remembers all of the harsh things he had to say to him, to render some tough love.


Maci cries and tells his parents how much she loves them and that will never change. It is clear there are things that need to be worked out, but I think if this family is willing to be honest and do the work so they can get to a better place. It’s about time Ryan’s parents finally acknowledge their son has several issues and everything isn’t okay. I think this is what Maci has wanted all along. This meeting was productive, but I think everyone should have been included to heal old wounds. Ryan’s wife, Mackenzie will be influential in his recovery as well as his interactions with Bentley and Maci.

On Halloween, Maci invites Ryan’s parents to go trick or treating with her family. Later, she received a text from Jen that Ryan will be getting out of rehab soon. Taylor and Maci discuss how to handle co-parenting when Ryan returns home. She decides to continue the schedule they have had for the past 2 years, where Bentley will have supervised visits at Jen Edwards and Larry Edwards’ house. She wants Ryan to know she supports him, but she wants to make sure he is stable after his 90 days in rehab.



Bristol Palin meets with a therapist who specializes in PTSD. She wants to ensure that she doesn’t trigger ex-husband Dakota Meyer.  She discusses the problems they had in their marriage and some background on Dakota. She reveals that left him before they were married. Ever since, he always had a fear of her leaving him again. The therapist suggests that they get on the same page, by not pushing his buttons and not making disparaging comments. Little does she know, this is the only way Bristol knows how to interact with him. Why she didn’t see this therapist before they were divorced? I think it would have improved their interactions as co-parents.

Bristol and Dakota decide to meet up to get on one accord. Bristol claims she is nervous to meet to discuss their issues. He seems open to hearing her thoughts on how to have better communication. Bristol gives her usual silent stare down and says she wants to understand him.  He doesn’t need her to understand him at this point. They are not married anymore, so that ship is sailed. Dakota just wants Bristol to stop speaking negatively about him. Things get snarky very quickly when she accuses him of stealing. I guess she just went to a therapist for a scene on the show. She didn’t follow any of her suggestions. Ugh… I am officially sick of Bristol!

It’s like she gets a high from antagonizing this man and talking down to him on camera. It’s really sad that Dakota has to endure this type of person for the rest of his life. He stays calm and lets her know his episodes have reduced since they have divorced. He probably has peace now that he doesn’t have someone beating him down all of the time. 



Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton meet up. He arrives with grocery store flowers for some reason. It’s been a year since he found out he was a dad. They discuss their co-parenting relationship and her new single relationship status. Cory restates what we all know. He is not ready for a relationship. He doesn’t want her waiting around for him. It’s clear she is not only waiting, but she is also offering herself up on a silver platter.

On Halloween, Cheyenne throws Cory a party to celebrate his one year anniversary of meeting his daughter. She gives an emotional speech about how thankful she is for him being such a great father. There is not a dry eye in the house. She recounts her stress over baby Ryder’s rare genetic condition. Cory being a good dad not only benefitted their baby, but relieved a lot of her stress. Despite his personality flaws, it does appear Cory has really leaned into fatherhood.

Things between Cory and Cheyenne get even messier. After the party, Cheyenne went to Cory’s house and they hooked up. Cheyenne excitedly tells her friend what happened later that evening. She doesn’t want it to turn into casual sex between them. Cheyenne feels like they are in a relationship, but he doesn’t want to admit it. Sorry, Cheyenne, Cory told you he doesn’t want a relationship. Has she not watched The Challenge or The Real World? Cory is known as the hookup king! He has been with A LOT of women on these shows. I think this will only lead one place for Cheyenne…heartbreak.



Catelynn Baltierra is five months pregnant. She is anxious for the separation to begin before she gets too far along in her pregnancy.  Tyler Baltierra is working with the contractor to get the house ready.

Catelynn is in a better place since rehab. She wants to be supportive of Amber Portwood while she is in a dark place. She decides to go visit Amber and talk to her about what she is going through. Catelynn discusses it with Tyler and he thinks it would be a good idea given their connection and bouts with depression. I can’t help but think he wants a mini break from Catelynn. Tyler is going to start moving into the new house while Catelynn and Nova are away.

Catelynn returns home to find out that Tyler still hasn’t moved yet. He claims they now have to wait for the porch to be finished before the house is complete. She feels like he is stalling the separation and decides to take a stand. Catelynn wants to hurry up and have the separation, so their family can move back together. It’s very stressful for her and can affect their daughter, Nova. Tyler, as per usual nowadays, seems totally unaffected by her pleas.

Catelynn calls him out on his attitude because she feels like he doesn’t care. He finally snaps and tells her she is making him feel bad because he’s FINALLY doing something for himself. Catelynn starts crying. Tyler just storms away completely unmoved by her tears. Geez…

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Whoever said there’s nothing worse than a woman who is fed up, clearly never met Tyler! I understand that he needs some time to get himself and their marriage together. But you can’t fault your pregnant wife for not wanting to separate. I don’t have a problem with the separation, but I think the timing is pretty crappy. The way Tyler is going about this is not right.



Amber has post-partum depression. Mean comments are starting to take a toll on her. She feels like it “doesn’t feel good to be alive now”. She is even starting to have relationship issues with Andrew Glennon. Amber remembers a night when she was waiting for Andrew and the baby to go to bed so she could kill herself. She feels like the only person who may understand is Catelynn. Gary Shirley and Kristina Shirley discuss their concern about Amber and her depression. Gary has advised her to simply ignore the comments from people on social media.

Catelynn and her daughter, Nova arrives on Amber’s doorstep with smiles and gifts in hand. Amber feels like she is at her lowest right now and isn’t living for herself. Catelynn suggests going somewhere for help, but Amber doesn’t want to leave her baby. Amber thinks she looks like a bad mom on social media. She feels like the show has ruined her life and it is not an accurate depiction of who she is as a whole. For once I actually agree with her. Is the portrayal accurate? Or do we not see when she is healthy and happy? I honestly believe this show may not be the best thing for her mentally. It’s clear she can’t handle the stress of being in the public eye and the negativity that goes along with it.

Amber appreciates Catelynn’s advice, but she is not ready to go to a treatment center. Instead, Amber decides not to film anymore because of her negative portrayal on Teen Mom. She talks to the producers and tells them that she thinks she thinks she needs to separate from the show. They request to speak to her in person, she snaps, and hangs up on them.

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It seems to me everyone on the Teen Mom cast is depressed with the exception of maybe Cheyenne. She may want to run while she can. Considering Cory doesn’t want a relationship, she may be in the same boat by the next Teen Mom season. This show may need to be renamed Teen Mom’s Depressed. Hopefully, all decide to place their mental health above and fame and fortune in the future.


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