Shahs of Sunset Season 7 Finale Recap: It’s Time for a Wedding!

Here we are: the Shahs of Sunset Season 7 finale, it’s time for the wedding of Tommy Feight and Mercedes “MJ” Javid! The show opens with MJ’s flashback as if this season was all a dream — the wedding dress fiasco, the prenup, driving around writing checks, seeing her childhood friend, etc. — but then she said it turned into a nightmare with her rehearsal dinner speech and Tommy making fun of her. That’s accurate, but it’s peak Shahs of Sunset.

She ‘snaps out of it’ and it’s her wedding day! She’s worried that Tommy is going to be drunk for the entire wedding — a fair concern, of course. Tommy starts his day off taking a shot of vodka and tequila. He bought all the groomsmen Jordans to wear with their tuxes — ‘New York City flair’ he called it. 

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

It’s three-and-a-half-hours to the wedding and MJ shows up at the bridal suite with Leora, her wedding planner, and Brandon, her stylist. Reza Farahan, the man of honor, said that if they married a long time ago they’d be divorced by now but that MJ knows who she is as a person now and it worked out.

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Others show up at Nema Vand’s sister Mona Vand’s apartment to get ready for the wedding, including Destiney RoseNema tells Destiney that he wants to dance with her. Shervin [Roohparvar] and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi shows up. Mike Shouhed shows up.

MJ regrets not having a final dress fitting — right now most women are yelling at the television screen, “Why didn’t you?!” but I digress.

MJ says she wants to feel pretty, but the dress is a little too wide. It’s time to fix the dress even though the wedding is about to start.

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

When it comes to her makeup, MJ wants “Princess Jasmine on crack” eyes. Her mother, Vida, walks in like a motherzilla and starts telling MJ her makeup is too heavy, and she looks “Chinese,” not Persian. Her mother yells at the makeup artist and says she made MJ look like “a piece of wood.”

Back at Mona’s house GG shows off not wearing her ring and admits that she got married  for all the wrong reasons.

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It’s one hour until the wedding,  the scoop on the dress has been cut, and MJ looks stunning. Smartly, MJ keeps her mother out until after they are done dressing and preparing her. When she comes in, she tells MJ that she looks beautiful. When the veil is placed over MJ’s head, she sees her dad’s name on the veil and starts to cry. It’s funny that I was cutting onions at the same time and started to cry too — ironic huh?

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

Destiney talks about how all of their lives are changing. Well, it’s a new beginning if MJ actually gets to the ceremony. She hasn’t written her vows, she’s still fussing with her dress, she feels pale and she’s already 45 minutes late! Time ticks on and 45 minutes turns into more than an hour when the wedding finally starts!

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Tommy says he’s never been more prepared about anything than he is about marrying MJ. It’s time for everyone to walk down the aisle, including the McGuires, Tommy’s adoptive family, and Vida who says that if MJ is happy, she’s happy. The flower girls head down the aisle and here is MJ. Tommy starts crying after he sees her.

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

Of course MJ stops and greets people on the way to Tommy. Mike wants to know if MJ has ever been to a wedding before. She looks spectacular, but on the way, she’s constantly asking “Does everything look okay?”

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

It’s time to say the vows and Tommy cries as he talks about MJ’s smile and how he promises to make sure she smiles every day. MJ stumbles through her unwritten vows and Tommy starts to laugh. That pisses off MJ, who actually tells him to shut up and they start arguing a bit. Even Reza is laughing. MJ moves on to say I do. The couple dips their pinkies in honey, another Persian tradition, which sweetens their mouth for their first kiss.

MJ explains how she was once the person who didn’t want marriage, but now she’s taking a leap of faith because she loves Tommy.

It’s party time!  The venue looks beautiful. Mike talks about how marriage wasn’t meant for him, but maybe it will work out for Tommy and MJ. Reza notices that GG isn’t wearing her wedding ring, so he says that either she’s growing or GG hocked that ring once she found out how much she could get for it — flashback to finding out it’s worth $165K.

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Reza and Adam Neely sit outside and talk. Reza is ready to put the condo on the market and tells Adam that they can start looking for surrogate eggs to have a baby. He tells Adam that he feels like he’s doing everything and it’s a one-sided relationship and it shouldn’t be imbalanced. They start arguing and Reza tells Adam to ‘zip it’ when he’s trying to talk — rude!

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Mike talks to Sue, his mother and tells her that he has a hard time going to weddings. Sue says she was unhappy for Mike and sad that he was unhappy. He wishes he could go back and not make the same mistakes. She says that he’ll find someone who will take his baggage. He asked her to help him unpack. He said he’s ready to find the woman of his dreams and tackle 40.

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

Reza asks GG if something is going on with her and Nema. She says he’s helped her so much with the business and just being a friend. He hasn’t tried to do anything with her and she calls him ‘good people.’ Nema joins the conversation with others and Reza tells him that she’s saying nice things about him. Reza talks about how the family is hard on each other, but when it counts they are there for each other. They toast.

Shahs of Sunset: It’s Time for a Wedding!

Time for the wedding toast and Reza is up first: He talks about how he’s truly honored and humbled and that he never thought the night would happen. He thanks Tommy for treating MJ like the queen she is. Tommy’s best man’s toast: He tells Tommy that he’s made some pretty boneheaded decisions, but with great certainty that this was love at first swipe. He recognizes loved ones who couldn’t be there with them as bagpipes start to play — damn onions.

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MJ talks about the rite of passage for everyone — that they all inching their way to growing up and now it’s time to make some babies. Will Season 8 of Shahs of Sunset focus on the baby fever?


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