Meghan Edmonds Says Vicki Gunvalson Is Inauthentic, Very Calculated & Lied About Cancer Scam

Meghan Edmonds will always have a special place in Real Housewives of Orange County history. She was the self-appointed private investigator who pushed the Brooks Ayers cancer scam to the forefront. Everyone thought it was a ludicrous notion. Nevertheless, she really stuck to her guns.

As we all know, Vicki Gunvalson’s infamous ex-boyfriend faked medical documents. It was the messiest storyline of all time. Meghan is an alum these days, but that does not mean she’s let go of her strong opinions. Not by a long shot.

Meghan reflected on her time as an Orange County Housewife in an interview for the Tony’s Tea Corner podcast. Host Anthony Lario asked, “How do you feel about the title Private Investigator/Special Detective Meghan King Edmonds?” After a quick chuckle, Meghan admitted, “That’s funny. I’m really proud of it.” And the fans are all very grateful for it.

Season 10 wasn’t Meghan’s first shot at investigation though. She revealed, “When I was sixteen years old, I did an internship at a police station in St. Louis because I love investigating. Isn’t that funny?” It’s all starting to make sense now. She may have missed her true calling. Thankfully she has a lot of other things going on with her family, website, and all of her other projects.

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Anthony told Meghan, “I feel like you were genuinely authentic.” Meghan responded with a compliment for her former costars, well, a majority of them. Meghan began, “I feel like most of the people I was on the show with are that way. I really do.”
Then, Anthony asked, “Really? Even Vicki?” Without a hesitation, Meghan answered, “No. I never really got to get to know Vicki because I didn’t like her and I didn’t respect her. If you lie about cancer, that’s a deep hole to dig yourself out of when that’s your introduction.” Fair enough. Who could blame her for feeling that way?
Does she have any doubts in her mind that Vicki lied? Meghan said, “You have no doubts in your mind that she lied about it? Well, she says that she didn’t know, but that’s bull shit. She lied about it. She made up a bunch of stuff.” What did she make up? Meghan said, “that she went to the hospital.” Meghan concluded, “She actually did lie. She admitted it on the reunion. So that happened. Do I think she’s authentic? No.”
Meghan continued, “Time heals wounds, right? I’ve moved on. I don’t have time for this shit anymore. I would rather just smile and get along with people. Even Kelly [Dodd], I think is authentic. What you see is what you get with her, Tamra [Judge], and Shannon [Beador].” Wait. Did Meghan just compliment Kelly? Yes, she did. Are pigs flying?
Meghan explained, “The thing with Kelly is she doesn’t have an agenda. She just reacts. She’s very reactionary and her reactions can be very immature, nasty, and mean. She’s not like out to get you, you know, like I think Vicki could be. I think Vicki is very calculated. I don’t think Kelly is.”
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Aside from some debatable knowledge of a cancer scam, Vicki also offended Meghan when she told her that it wasn’t possible to love a stepchild as much as your own child. As the longtime viewers know, Meghan did not have biological kids at the time.Nowadays, she’s a mother of three. She concluded, “I don’t think everyone has the same capacity to love. Maybe she’s is just one of those people who really could never love a child as if they were their own. I think there are people like that.”
Would Meghan return to the show? She admitted, “Oh yeah. You know I had a really good experience and I left on my own terms, which is always nice to do, but it’s also hard to do because I was trying to leave at a time that made sense for me to change directions.”
She continued, “I think if the opportunity presented itself, I would 100% go back. Right now is not the time, but I definitely have said to production ‘Invite me to a party or something.’ I told Tamra and Shannon ‘Invite me to a party.’ I miss the energy and the excitement. I don’t miss being around people I don’t like, but I miss the experiences and the crew.” Can she just show up, shade Vicki, and fly back to St. Louis? That will be enough to tide me over.
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