Farrah Abraham Celebrates Birthday In Vegas

Awwww… (or should I say, “meh” because this reeks of a PR stunt!). Farrah Abraham just announced her breakup from boyfriend Simon Saran, the man who patiently accompanied her to countless adult entertainment events as she is a porn star who is not a porn star but got duped and trick-filmed into making a “celebrity” sex tape with six-figure payout, a hooha and anal mold, a blow-up doll, and much much more!

The Teen Mom OG star, who has a way with words – and everything else, announced her split from Simon on instagram to celebrate “National Ex Day,” accompanied by a photo of the two of them kissing. Farrah praised the moment as fond memories. 


Farrah Abraham Splits From Boyfriend Simon Saran

“Happy #NationalExDay to the best ex haha remember this moment,” Farrah gushed. [Credit: Instagram]

Not to be outdone, Simon also sent a shout-out to Farrah.

Farrah Abraham & Ex-Boyfriend Simon Saran

“One for the Ex! Cheers! #NationalExDay,” Simon shared. [Credit: Instagram]

So these two are either really glad to get rid of each other, or perhaps this is just a PR stunt for Farrah’s reported return to Couples Therapy

Well Farrah is officially on the market – in many MANY more ways than one. Because in other Farrah crazy, she is selling her DNA for charity. Yes, you read that correctly. Farrah is available in many interactive formats, but now you can own a liquified version! 

Farrah inked a collaboration with Celebrity Gene, a company that liquifies celeb DNA and sells it in a vial the buyer can wear around his or her neck.

Fans can purchase a real piece of Farrah (instead of a latex one) for the low price of $99 – but 50% of the proceeds go to a charity of the celeb’s choice. No, Farrah didn’t select Celebrity Rehab as her charity, she actually selected Operation Underground Railroad, which rescues kidnapped children sold into sex slavery. 

Farrah explains her reasoning behind participating is that DNA “created a better future” for Sophia in the form of a paternity test confirming that Farrah’s now-deceased-ex-boyfriend Derek was indeed her daughter’s father. Apparently this made Sophia eligible for Social Security benefits?

On the Celebrity Gene site Farrah elaborates, “When my daughter Sophia had to get a DNA test it changed her life and created a better future for her. I hope my legacy can change the world for younger generations and save them from sex trafficking for a brighter future.” 

Of course, Farrah isn’t doing this all from the goodness of her heart – TMZ says she also nets a 10% cut of the sales, plus she was paid $30,000 to pony up her DNA sample, obtained from a strand of hair. 

Farrah joins a host of actual celebrities for sale on Celeb Gene, celebs such as Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Elvis and Al Capone. I snark on Farrah for not being a real celebrity, but she is the most fascinating person on the internet and reportedly Vivid’s best selling celeb as well! So maybe she just is that big of a deal. However there seems to be a rash of “accidental” sex tape stars using their body for charity as of late… 

Hey – good for Farrah for using her fame for something positive. Although I can only imagine who would be buying a liquified Farrah. 


[Photo Credit:  Judy Eddy/]


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