Kandi Burruss Dishes On Porsha Williams’ New Man & Shamari DeVoe’s Husband

Season 11 of Real Housewives of Atlanta is off to a slow start. Thankfully, Kandi Burruss “introduced” Shamari DeVoe to the cast during the last episode. At this point, the jury is still out on Shamari. Nevertheless, she did give us some much-needed drama, even though it was a teeny, tiny bit.

Shamari pushed her husband Ronnie DeVoe to critique Kandi’s musical performance completely out of nowhere. Why push him to give Kandi’s group unsolicited advice? Did she just not want to make a good impression on the rest of the cast? Nevertheless, Shamari’s delusional aspirations to be the “next” Beyonce and Jay Z truly entertained me. Therefore, I welcome her presence. For now.

As the person who forced Shamari on us introduced Shamari to the show, Kandi was the most shocked by Ronnie’s critique. Why would Shamari ask him to give Kandi advice? Was that just sloppy editing? Or did she really just prompt this out of nowhere?

In a Bravo blog post, Kandi admitted that she was surprised by Ronnie’s “advice.” She wrote, “It was the way that they did it. Nobody was even talking about me or Xscape, but Shamari just came out of the blue asking Ronnie if he wanted to give me some advice. It felt like they discussed it before then and already wanted to critique me and my group in front of everyone.” Of course, they did. They 100% joined this show to revive their music careers. They are down to make waves, get messy, and throw shade to secure maximum camera time.

Shamari’s man wasn’t the only one on Kandi’s mind during the last episode. Kandi had yet another gossip session about Porsha Williams’ new man Dennis McKinley. Is Kandi just pointing out the obvious red flags? Or she just hating for the sake of hating? It’s unclear, even though it just might be a combination of both. Nevertheless, it seems like a moot point given the fact that they are engaged and expecting a baby.

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Even so, Kandi wrote this Bravo blog from the frame of mind she had while filming the episode. She wrote, “I already heard some things about Dennis from a couple of women, but I didn’t know the details about Jami’s friend.” Did Kandi invite this girl with the sole purpose of talking about Porsha’s man? Or was this merely a coincidence that Dennis was a hot topic of conversation? Something tells me that it’s the former.

Kandi continued, “I thought it was crazy that her friend’s story about dating Dennis was similar to what I heard from others who dated him. But what was even crazier was hearing Porsha say that he was doing the same exact things for her! I had no idea that Porsha talked about all that until I saw the episode. He was basically doing the same thing for everybody.” Well, yeah. If it worked once, why not apply the same habits to the next relationship and the one after that?

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Kandi admitted, “I was really tripping when Jami said the part about having some girls cook food that he gives to his other girls. I kind of thought maybe that part wasn’t true, but then Porsha said he had meals prepped for her! I was like wow…” Stop. Does she really think Dennis had other women cooking food that he passed off as meal prepped dishes for Porsha? That would be both horrible and hysterical.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]