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Kandi Burruss Teases Drama With Porsha Williams; Clarifies Comment About Dennis McKinley

Kandi Burruss appeared on last night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. She discussed the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast trip in Miami. She clarified her comments about Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley’s relationship. And of course, she got emotional talking about Gregg’s health struggles.

Choosing a room on a Real Housewives cast trip is always an over the top production. After playing a clip of Marlo Hampton’s room switcharoo, Andy Cohen remarked, “That was hilarious. I have to say.”

Kandi explained, “It was, but you know there’s a funny thing about Marlo. I had a feeling that she had done that because she was too happy about her room later. At first she was mad because it was ‘too small.’ Then all of a sudden she is like ‘No, I’m good.’ I’m like ‘Something’s not right. Something’s not right.'” Give Marlo a peach. How is she not a Real Housewife? She always brings the entertainment.

Another person who is not a Housewife is Kenya Moore, but at least she held that title for a little bit. Andy said to Kandi, “I know you were at the baby shower. What gift did you bring her?” Kandi did not skimp on the gifts. She shared, “Well, I ordered it off of Amazon. I got her a crib. I got her the pump for, you know, the milk.” Kandi emphasized, “I got her a couple of other things that I felt like I would really want.”

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Andy asked, “Have you seen the baby? How is Kenya doing?” Kandi replied, “Kenya, the baby, and everybody [are] doing great. I’m just so happy. Beautiful, beautiful baby. I’m so happy for her.” Same here, Kandi. Once again, I’m wondering if it’s too soon to start a campaign to bring Kenya back to RHOA next season.

Andy played a clip from the last RHOA episode where Kandi said, “I just know a few different women who have, you know… dated him.” In that same clip Porsha commented, “I think the advice that Kandi has given me is pretty general. She’d probably say that to anybody, but thank you.”

Andy told Kandi, “First of all, that advice didn’t seem general to me. I think.” Kandi explained where she was coming from at the time: “So here’s the thing. Porsha and I, we had tried to make amends at the reunion. Coming into this new season, we were trying to be on a better page, but it’s kind of hard when you know something about their significant other. I was like ‘Do I say something? Do I not say something?'” This is a reality TV show. Of course she ended up saying something.

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Andy pointed out, “So you started the season saying you were not going to say anything.” Kandi admitted, “That was my intention. Then my thoughts were to just tell her ‘just chill and slow down a little bit and get to know him a little bit more.’ That was my approach.” Andy replied, “It doesn’t seem like she’s taking it and we will see how that plays out.” Clearly it’s not going to end up well. Let’s just hope it’s entertaining.

A caller wanted Kandi to shade Porsha asked Kandi, “Since you know Dennis, what do you think about his engagement to Porsha and him giving her expensive gifts?” The Housewife clarified, “OK. Let me say this. I did not ‘know’ Dennis. I said ‘I knew who dated Dennis.’ So let me be clear. In passing, we may have seen each other prior to that, but we did not ‘know’ each other. I just had friends who knew him well.”

Andy quoted her own one-liner back to her: “We see each other.” Truly iconic. That quote will never get old.

Kandi added, “As far as the gifts, he had been gifting a lot of people in the past.” The shade! She backtracked, “Andy, can I make this clear? Porsha and I are in a better place now. As you will see on the season, it went to a not-so-great place for a little while.” Of course not. Is it even possible for Kandi and Porsha to be on good terms at this point? Maybe, but definitely not for long.

As entertaining as that drama is, the most compelling story of this season is Gregg’s cancer diagnosis. Andy commented, “It was really sweet seeing you all surprise NeNe [Leakes] and gather around her. It must have been jarring seeing Gregg for the first time.”

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Kandi admitted, “Oh my gosh. It was. We’re so used to Gregg being the strong one always.” Andy added, “He’s always the rock.”

Kandi started to get choked up, but she continued, “He’s always the rock, for everybody really. Whenever anybody is going through anything, he always has the right things to say for everybody. To be in that position where you had to have the right things to say to him it was just like ‘Wow. What do I say? How do I make him feel better?'” Gregg really is the most beloved person on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Hands down.

Just for some comic relief, a viewer asked Kandi, “Have you spoken to or seen Kim Zolciak since last year’s reunion.” She had the most brief reply possible: “No.” Fair enough.

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