Below Deck’s Captain Lee Rosbach Says Chandler Brooks’ Antics Are “Wearing Thin”; Doesn’t Think Yachting Is A Good Fit For Caroline Bedol

Like the rest of the audience tuning in to Below Deck each week, Captain Lee Rosbach has reached his limit on how much crew dysfunction he could watch during the last episode.  After a bit of a hiatus, Captain Lee returned to blogging on his official website. He shared his opinions and feedback for each of the crew members. Of course, he discussed what went down on My Seanna last week.

Unsurprisingly, Captain Lee had only good things to say about most of the crew. Ashton Pienaar, Ross Inia, Adrian Martin, Kate Chastain,  and Josiah Carter got some well deserved praise.  Even Rhylee Gerber’s critique was mainly constructive with suggestions to be less reactionary to Chandler situations on deck. On Captain’s Lee “screwed the pooch” list was Caroline Bedol, and Bosun Chandler BrooksThis is not at all surprising.

Both Caroline and Chandler have been veering from bad to worse episode after episode.  Caroline notably left broken glass on the deck for a four-year-old boy to step on.  Captain Lee was unimpressed with that move.  Obviously. He also called her out on lack of preparation for breakfast service in his blog post. He remarked, “The orange juice should have been the first thing that you did when you got up and if there wasn’t time then you should have gotten up earlier or checked the supplies the night before you went down so you would know. And the drinks were just a Bloody Mary and a guava bellini. Neither one is that complicated.”

Captain Lee also pointed out that taking offense and perceiving hostility in every scenario isn’t the best way for Caroline to deal with the job or life in general. He explained, “Kate has been patient with [Caroline] and was speaking in your defense when you walked in on her and Josiah, but you seem to me to be the biggest hindrance to your own success. This may not be the best match for you as a career choice.”

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And finally ChandlerCaptain Lee spent a good amount of the blog speaking to Chandler’s ineptitude as a Bosun and as a considerate human being.  The first issue is the lack of leadership. Captain Lee said, “After the meeting in the wheelhouse, your first response is to communicate to your crew is how this is making you look.  Well here’s a news flash, they didn’t do that to you, and you did it to yourself.”

Then, there is the lack of organization.  Captain Lee describes the last day of the charter, “You want to leave the boat first thing in the am to set up the beach dinner, but what are the guests to do all day while you’re doing that? No toys out, no activities for them to stay occupied while you’re doing the beach runs.”

Captain Lee called out Chandler for acting like a disgruntled subordinate when he was asked to help Kate clean up the interior.  He explained, “It really pissed you off when you had to answer to Kate for a few hours after the beach dinner.  And you tell her that you’ll get to a task when you can. The leftover roast pork, you were asked to find some containers to put it in to preserve it, but you just arbitrarily override that instruction and throw it away.”

The icing on the cake was Captain Lee’s snark for ice cream-gate.  “Oh, I get it, pissed because you didn’t get your ice cream on time. Time to suck it up cream puff. You don’t always get what you want, when you want it, just because you want it. I’m surprised I didn’t see a hissy fit thrown. This is wearing thin.” Oh, Chandler.

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Previews for next episode show Kate asking a crew member to leave the boat. Will it be Chandler or Caroline?


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