Married to Medicine Recap: Bottled Up Emotions

On this week’s episode of Married to Medicine, an outing ends in tragedy when Mariah Huq receives some unexpected news about her husband, Aydin Huq.  An angry exchange ensues when one of the ladies accuses one of the husbands of being a liar. At this point, I don’t think it’s possible for this whole group to get together without an issue. Trust me I am not complaining. Like most viewers, I am front and center to tune in for someone else drama.

Cecil Whitmore and Simone Whitmore go out for a date night at a restaurant. They both acknowledge that they are doing a lot better in their marriage since last year. Simone asks Cecil to never put her in a situation again where she has to file for divorce. She then goes from 0 to 100. She started shouting about how much he hurt her, not allowing him to get in a word of a rebuttal. She is still angry about how his friendship with his ex-best friend Tammy, made her feel in their marriage. Cecil is completely caught off guard as she grabs her purse and storms out of the restaurant.

I could have sworn at the couples’ trip, Simone initiated an exercise where they named something that they were going to let go of and hers was Tammy. I understand being angry if you feel your husband values a friendship more than your marriage. But he gave up his friendship of over 20 years with someone he considered a sister because it bothered you. You, on the other hand, act as if you deserve a trophy because you moved back in one house with your HUSBAND and KIDS. When are you going to take a look in the mirror and realize you are a big part of the problem as well? You ruined a perfectly nice outing with something that you guys supposedly moved on from.

Simone-goes-off-on cecil

Contessa Metcalfe invites her dad to visit her and his grandkids. He agrees and seems to be in good spirits despite his recent cancer diagnosis. Contessa acknowledges growing up he was not a very good father because of a drug problem. But since being sober, he has really stepped up as a dad and a grandfather.

Mariah surprises her daughter, Lauren with a stylist to give her a mature teenage look. A few episodes ago, Lauren came to her mother and asked could she get a new wardrobe to start high school.  Mariah just about had a heart attack when she thought about her baby growing up. But as Lauren begins trying on outfits, she gets in the swing of things and seems to be having fun revamping her style. I thought this was such a cute scene. Say what you want about Mariah as a friend, but you can’t say she isn’t a good mother.

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Toya Bush-Harris FaceTimes Simone and invites her to a girl’s trip at a winery for the weekend. Simone questions whether Toya should plan anything after all the drama that happened when she hosted the couple’s trip in Antigua. Toya is hoping to get a second chance to do better and help the group bond and have fun. She proceeds to go down the line and invite all the ladies for the getaway.


Heavenly Kimes and Mariah meet at a church (of all places) to talk about possibly moving forward. Heavenly reveals that she chose the church to ensure their conversation stays respectful. Mariah asks Heavenly what she did for her to not like her, so she never does it again. In response, Heavenly looks shocked and says “LIES!” They both go back and forth on whether the other has lied or said something they shouldn’t have said. They agree to disagree. Heavenly lets Mariah know she has taken out some of her frustration with her sister, out on her. Heavenly claims she doesn’t want to apologize, she wants to show her that she has changed. The two agree to a truce, but I have a feeling in another episode or two something will happen and Hellishly… I mean Heavenly will be back to saying “yo mama”.

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Toya meets the girls with a party bus and cocktail in hand to head to the winery. Everyone seems excited and in good spirits, but we know that that will only last for so long. Ugh…oh… Just when everyone has relaxed, Toya says she wanted to do a girls trip, so everyone gets things off of their chest. This won’t go well. Simone thinks everyone should name something they need to work on. She goes first and feels patience with her friends is what she needs to improve.

When it is Contessa’s turn, Toya accuses her of talking about people behind their back. She says  Contessa’s husband lied about the situation in Antigua and they both implied that Toya hit her on purpose. Contessa jumped up in defense of her husband and the other ladies had to hold her back. After Contessa claimed she may choke Toya out, she sits down because she doesn’t want to lose her license over Toya. They arrive at the winery just in the nick of time. I am not sure drinking any more alcohol is a good idea.


At the winery, Jackie Walters decides not to drink “to keep everyone from the choke outs” just in case anything else goes down. Out of the blue, Contessa decides to reignite the fight and goes for the jugular. She tells Toya “Since you want to talk about husbands, you always talk about Eugene [Harris]’s weight, but you both have the same BMI.” BOOM!!!!!!!!!

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Toya digs deep, doesn’t take the bait, and just remains quiet. Toya has really matured because I thought for sure Contessa might have gotten hit over the head with a purse or something. Quad Webb- Lunceford comes to Toya’s defense. She tells Contessa she is wrong for accusing Toya of hitting her on purpose because she is not that type of person. I agree… Toya is definitely not perfect, but I highly doubt she would try to hurt someone who just had surgery. It was obviously an accident and she apologized immediately to Contessa.


While having drinks, Mariah’s husband Aydin Huq calls her to let her know his headache has gotten worse and he is on his way to the ER. Simone confides in Jackie about her date from hell with Cecil. She feels like defended Tammy and it took her to a bad place. Jackie tells her that she needs to stop projecting her feelings on to Cecil. She tells her to stop holding on to resentment. Mariah gets another call from Aydin and finds out he was admitted to the hospital. She reveals to the ladies she has to leave because he has been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Mariah is visibly shaken and breaks down.  The ladies rally around her and decide to all leave in support of her.



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