90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Wedding Photos Leaked

Just when 90 Day Fiance stars Ashley Martson and Jay Smith overcome one hurdle and put all the negativity behind them, they are faced with another act of hostility.

On last week’s episode, Jay was the victim of racist trolling.  Now, someone with a lot of time on their hands, and a seemingly deep-rooted vendetta against Ashley and Jay, violated their privacy by posting personal photos of the couple.  This person created a new Instagram account and leaked what appear to be Ashley and Jay’s wedding pictures.

The couple dressed up in white.  In one photo, Jay is tenderly kissing Ashley’s hand.  Despite the ill-intent of whoever leaked the pictures, Ashley and Jay both looked great and the affection between them is undeniable.

Due to legal restrictions, this website will not be posting the photos.  But they can be viewed under the Instagram account in question, callingyououtfraud2.   This title very clearly states the intent of the creator.

Now the questions is, who is that person?  Ashley has already had two separate people from her past harass her on social media.  First, we had former best friend Natalie threatening to sell her personal stories to tabloids.  Then, there was some guy from high school that Ashley had turned down posting threatening and racist language on their wedding page.  Could either be the leaker?  Or is there a third party involved?

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The content of the photos has brought up some questions from fans of the show.  There is speculation that these photos were taken in Jamaica.  In one picture, Ashley is looking over her shoulder at a scenic beach with palm trees.  Unless they had a destination wedding stateside, neither beach nor palm trees can be found in Pennsylvania.

On the latest episode, Ashley and Jay announced that they would be canceling the wedding they had planned.  Did they decide to wed in Jamaica for the sake of his family?  Or were these pictures taken prior to Jay coming to the USA on his fiancé visa?

Ever since Ricky Reyes’ storyline was exposed as fraudulent on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, fans have been questioning the validity of the show and the presented storylines.  Putting aside the fact that Ashley and Jay suffered a huge violation with the leaking of these photos, the other main fan reaction has been upset with the spoiler.

Perhaps TLC will have to crack down on social media usage by the cast while the season is airing.

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As for Ashley and Jay, hopefully, there will be no more privacy violations or sabotages in their future.


[Photo credit- TLC]