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Below Deck Star Captain Lee Rosbach Would Have Fired Rhylee Gerber If He Saw Her Attitude In Person; Calls Out New Stew Laura Betancourt For Her Constant Criticism

Captain Lee Rosbach’s blog was brief this week, but as always, packed a punch.  The Below Deck Captain was in New York earlier this week to appear on Watch What Happens Live.  So he had less time to prepare, but still made his critiques very clear.  We wouldn’t expect any less of him!

Captain Lee had a lot to say about new third stew Laura Betancourt.  The Laura we saw start on last week’s episode was not one to filter her thoughts.  And Captain Lee called her out. He wrote, “I think she may want to get to know her crew more before she starts criticizing the boat, the way things, are done, how things look, and just about everything else.”

I have a suspicion that Captain Lee’s bias with Laura stems from Chief Stew Kate Chastain’s dislike of her.  He remarked, “I think she should be making friends instead of dishing snark and talking smack.”  That’s a bit exaggerated, one, and two, when have we heard of Captain Lee prioritizing friendship amongst the crew?  He does recognize her abilities and talent though, and gives credit where it’s due.

Kate and Josiah Carter really do work well together. They seem to have the same mindset.  Captain Lee gave similar feedback to his Chief and Second Stew commending their ability to cover the tasks of three people with grace and efficiency.

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Chef Adrian Martin’s work is always top notch.  It’s always so stellar there is little left to say.  I think this season has had the least amount of footage in the galley because it’s so void of drama.  Maybe that’s a good thing.  Captain Lee praised Adrian, “You continue to amaze me with your talent and creativity.”

Captain Lee’s opinion of the other newbie, Tyler Rowland, was all positive.  He wrote that Tyler, “seems to have a good work ethic and attitude.  From what I’ve seen so far you [Tyler] will be just fine.”

The remainder of the male deck team got some well-deserved praise. Ross Inia just stepped into the role of Bosun and has been having success overall.  His only difficulties are dealing with Rhylee Gerber.  Captain Lee commended Ross’s leadership skills and believes he will pull the deck team together.  He opined, “You get on well with your crew and it shows when they put out the amount of work while a man down.  Great week for you.” Does “getting on well with the crew” include making out with Rhylee?

Ashton Pienaar, of course, lived through a very difficult situation at the end of the last episode.  Captain Lee addressed it simply as “things were going along so well until they weren’t.”  It seems producers really have kept the cast silent on the man overboard incident until they release the full footage next episode.

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And then there’s Rhylee.  She seems to be turning into the new Chandler Brooks.  Just in her own orbit, irritating a lot of people, and completely unaware that she is the root of the problem.  It hasn’t escaped Captain Lee’s notice, although he wasn’t aware of the extent of the problem until he watched the episode.

Captain Lee revealed that he would have fired Rhylee had he heard her attitude with Ross. He said, “The part of you that is telling you not to speak to your boss that way, you should listen to it.  Had I heard you telling Ross, GOT IT, you would have gotten it.  A plane ticket out of here.  What are you thinking?  He’s been nothing but nice to you and this is how you act.”

Captain Lee advised Rhylee to practice some self-awareness. He concluded, “You need to look in mirror and get on honest assessment or you will continue to be alone.  This ain’t Alaska Toto.”


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