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Ashton Pienaar Names Below Deck Cast Member He Never Wants To Work With Again

The Below Deck viewers are still reeling from that last episode. Ashton Pienaar was mere seconds away from losing his life. He fell got caught in a line, fell overboard, and nearly severed his foot.

He joined Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night to discuss the incident and the rest of the season.

Andy remarked, “That had to be tough to watch.” Ashton confirmed with “Oh, for sure.” He added, “There was a moment where I had to surrender completely to a different force and I thought my foot was going to be ripped off. That for me was intense. Up until that point, I thought that I was in control of the situation.”

Ashton elaborated, “I had come to terms with the thought that my foot was going to be ripped off at that moment. That was tough.”

Thankfully a Below Deck cameraman named Brent dropped his equipment and swooped in to save Ashton. He recalled, “There was a moment in the water when my foot went up in front of me and I was preparing for my foot to be ripped off. I remember looking at Brent and I saw him frantically taking the line off.” He concluded, “I am so grateful. The man did save my life.”

The tragic accident had a profound effect on the Below Deck cast member.  He shared, “In moments like that, you rethink everything. The small things don’t matter after something like that.”

Ashton had to relive the nightmare when the episode aired and when the scene was teased in pretty much every promotion for the season. Ashton shared, “When the clip came up of the scene again, I got the chills. I relived that moment again. Have I actually really dealt with this? I’m not sure.”

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Andy came through with some comic relief when he asked, “Do you think you’ll ever be able to strip again?” Ashton answered, “Anything is possible, Andy.” Of course, this lead to a question and answer game with Ashton taking off articles of clothing. That’s a #TotalAndyMove, for sure.

Andy also asked about that hookup in the taxi. Andy wondered, “Did you know her name that night?” Ashton fessed up, “I did not.” But what about another obvious question: Where did that taxi driver go? Did he just stand on the side until he could go home?

A viewer asked Ashton which Below Deck cast member he never wants to work with again and he named Rhylee Gerber.

He didn’t give a reason, but there are plenty of responsibilities. She talks back to authority, complains constantly, and she had a less than efficient response when he got caught in the line and fell overboard. Plus, they did make out for a little bit before Ashton left for a bowl of ice cream. It just might be awkward to work side by side after that.

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