Margaret Josephs Teases “Glasses Breaking, Crying, Screaming, & Pushing” On Real Housewives Of New Jersey Cabo Trip

The New Jersey Housewives are really bringing it this season. Even Danielle Staub is contributing a lot of drama even though she’s not a full-time cast member. Unfortunately for her, that drama includes the dissolution of her friendship with Margaret Josephs.
At the beginning of Season 9, Danielle freaked out because Margaret was getting along with Dolores Catania. Her behavior got even worse with her wedding events. She demanded the most expensive gifts from Margaret, Melissa Gorga, and Teresa Giudice. Now she and Margaret are not friends at all. Who can blame her? It just seems like a very demanding (and thankless) friendship.

Margaret opened up about her issues with Danielle during the Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald podcast. Heather McDonald remarked that Danielle’s freakout over Dolores Catania “seemed fake” for camera time.
However, Margaret said, “Her anger about Dolores was not fake. She can really go from zero to ten like that. She really did huff up those stairs. She was crying and caused a scene. I wish they kept those cameras on because she was screaming in her room like a psycho.” I wish that they kept those cameras on too.
Margaret continued, “She was very upset, but I think she runs her whole life thinking a camera is on her. She always comes across as if she’s in some movie, but that’s the real her.” That sounds exhausting.
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Then, Margaret dished on Danielle’s super short-lived marriage. Margaret explained, “Her theory of marriage is that it’s her way or the highway, so of course, there were ups and downs before the wedding.” And after.
Margaret stated the obvious: “I didn’t think it was going to last.” Margaret added, “She made [Marty Caffrey] out to be the villain, but that’s not the way it is. The truth is, I thought it would have lasted longer than eight to ten weeks.”
Then, Heather asked, “Do you think she was bitter that she was not a full-time Housewife?” Margaret admitted, “You want the truth? I do believe that. She’s probably thinking, ‘Why is she in it?’ That was upsetting for her. I think there was something underneath that must be triggering her and she had a lot of resentment.” Absolutely.
After all of the effort Margaret put in with the bachelorette party, she shared that Danielle did not even give her a thank you note.
After the bachelorette party episode aired, Danielle faced a lot of criticism for stripper-induced enthusiasm. Instead of just owning her behavior, Danielle said Margaret sabotaged her. Margaret commented, “Now she says I set her up, she never wanted those strippers, and I made them jump all over her.”
Then, Margaret discussed her relationships with other cast members. She revealed, “Dolores and I are fine. We’re great. Everything is good. We get along very well. We are both very into charity. She’s very charitable. She spends most of her time when she’s not with the ladies, doing a lot of charity work. I have to give her a lot of kudos for that.” And now they have another thing in common: a strong dislike for Danielle.
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After, Margaret added, “Melissa and I are very, very, very close actually because our husbands are close. They do some work together. Melissa and I get along well.” We all knew that though. Everyone with an Instagram can see that these two are close.
Then, the conversation really got interesting when she discussed Teresa. Margaret began, “Teresa and I are OK. She’s very Team Danielle. She thinks that I dumped Danielle. Her and I argued about that. We’re fine [now].”
The powerhouse in pigtails continued, “[Teresa] is defending her until the end and I really cannot understand it for the life of me because she saw Danielle’s behavior.” Because Danielle is the captain of Team Teresa. Of course, she’s going to defend her number one soldier. She’s going to need the backup, especially this season with that whole “control your husband” debate.
Margaret explained, “Some people judge people by the way they only treat them themselves. I watch how they treat everybody else. That’s the line that got me in trouble last year, so I’m not even going to say it.” She summed it up: “You have to recognize their character.”
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Margaret described Teresa’s attitude as “Well, she didn’t do anything to me.” After, Margaret explained, “I just don’t like that excuse from anybody.” And neither do the viewers.
Margaret concluded with a major tease. She promised, “The Cabo trip [was] insane. Even Dolores said it’s the biggest fight in Housewife history. It’s so epic because it’s amongst everybody. It’s like a scene out of The Godfather.” Just imagine all of the memes and GIFs that will result from this Housewife on Housewife melee.
Margaret shared, “There’s glasses breaking, crying, screaming, pushing. It’s really good.” Ultimately, Margaret admitted, “I was shocked I was even in the middle of it. I think I started it.” But what was the big fight even about?! When is this episode airing?!
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