90 Day Fiance Star Leida Margaretha Accuses Eric Rosenbrook’s Ex-Wife Of Child Abuse

Leida Margaretha may be done with 90 Day Fiance, but she isn’t fading into oblivion anytime soon.  Her social media activity indicates that Leida is still fixated on Eric Rosenbrook’s “old family.”  And her motives for speaking out are questionable.

Reality TV blogger John Yates, who has exclusive access to all the 90 Day Fiance stars, posted a prior exchange he had with Leida.  In the texts, Leida revealed that she had dug up a decades old criminal record of Eric’s ex-wife Tania.  She then pushed Yates to release the information on his Instagram.  Yates refused and instead exposed Leida for the meddling shrew that she is.

The alleged charges were not named, and no details were given except that Tania’s children from a previous relationship were involved.  John Yates tried to deter Leida from publicly humiliating Tania by pointing out the records are “20 plus years old,” and “those were another set of children, it had nothing to do with Eric’s kids.”

That was the vague part of the texts. Then, Leida abruptly claimed that Eric’s ex-wife abused their children.  She wrote, “the day after the filming of “meeting Tasha Rosenbrook” at the first time Tasha said to me that she got physical abuse by her mom. Tasha said to me that’s she’s in medication.  Tania abused her kids.  Tasha is a good kid!!! She got physical abuse by her mom!!!”

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Considering Tasha and Leida had a strained relationship before she even entered the country, it’s highly suspect that Tasha would confide anything so personal to her future stepmother.

Does Leida have an underlying motive for wanting to undermine Tania as a mother? Hopefully, it’s just about defending Eric from rumors.  She wrote, “I’m just pointing it out from the news that Eric will lose his custody.  Nope, he won’t.”  And, “I’m just saying Eric won’t lose custody because he has no criminal record not like her.”

Interestingly enough, Tasha keeps up with all the fan pages from the show, including John Yates.  Her response to all of this was, “We were close before her ass came in and ruined everything.”

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