90 Day Fiance Star Steven Frend Says Leida Margaretha Evicting Tasha Reminds Him Of His Past; Calls Her Out

Though Leida Margaretha officially “quit” 90 Day Fiance last month, she is still clinging to the spotlight by peddling her questionable wares. In an unexpected twist, she’s also triggering Steven Frend into relieving his past.

It all started when Leida posted information about her new product endorsement. Then, Steven, clearly trying to pick a fight, questioned her authenticity as a spokesperson.

After losing a previous endorsement, Leida is apparently collaborating with a vegan tooth whitening company. Just like many other reality TV stars, she’s using her social media as a platform to get exposure for the product Steven took issue with it and wrote on her Instagram, “Why are you promoting vegan teeth whitening kits when you are not even vegan yourself.  Like really lol.”

Leida replied, “They asked me to promote their products.  There are many people that are not vegans but they’re promoting the same products.”

It was a civil exchange at first. Later, Steven revealed the underlying reason why he was taking cheap shots at Leida.  Because as repellant as her personality is, at least she’s not begging for money on GoFundMe.  Though it’s astounding that any company would want their products associated with Leida.

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Steven wrote, “I didn’t stand up for her, but to her yes. I can’t stand Leida or however, you spell that name. She lost my respect at the tell all when I saw how she treated Tasha Rosenbrook.”  And, “You’ll see why on the tell all. I don’t like her.”

Steven revealed that after seeing footage of Tasha’s eviction at the reunion taping, he was reminded of being kicked out by his own mother.  Steven shared that his mother was also influenced by a significant other.  Just like  Eric Rosenbrook’s pitiful display towards Tasha, Steven’s mother put the demands of her partner over the needs and safety of her own child.

Steven had a conversation with Tasha on reality TV blogger John Yates Instagram posts.  In the comments Steven wrote, “it’s literally like my mom, don’t think I haven’t been in your situation.  The EXACT thing I saw on TV of how your dad allowed a woman he barely knew to throw you out on the street is 100% the same what my mom did to me with one of her boy toys.  Not one thing different.  Except mine wasn’t filmed hah, so I relate to every single thing I saw on that screen.”

This is, of course, according to Steven and his perspective and experience.  He shared his dysfunctional upbringing and being kicked out of his mother’s house, but these are the first details we’ve gotten about it.

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Perhaps it makes the more sensitive viewers feel a bit of sympathy for him.  Whatever your current thoughts about Steven, it seems the reunion will not be lacking in some fresh drama and conflict.  Oh, and skip the expensive vegan whitening product in favor of baking soda.


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