90 Day Fiance: Roundup Of Leida Margaretha & Eric Rosenbrook’s Offscreen Drama

When 90 Day Fiance first introduced Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha to us, they seemed like the average couple for this show.  An attractive younger woman using a lonely, middle-aged man for a green card.  We would have been so lucky had the manipulation ended there.  We saw some tantrums, but given the state of Eric’s apartment, it was understandable when Leida demanded a better living space and some new furniture.  Eric surely promised her many things that he was unable to deliver on.

Where we the public parted ways with our overdrawn sympathy for Leida was when she started meddling with Eric and his daughters.  As Leida’s appalling behavior and demands escalated, so did the viewer backlash against her.  The result was a lot of dirt coming out on social media about Leida. There were inexcusable death threats made against her and her son Allessandro.  Finally, Eric and Leida “quit the show.”  So before we part ways with this unappealing couple on the season finale, here’s a quick roundup of all their off-screen drama.

One could say Leida brought all this on herself by being the embodiment of an evil stepmother.  Leida demanded Eric give up parental rights to his youngest daughter so he wouldn’t have to pay child support anymore. He refused.  She manipulated Eric to throw his daughter Tasha Rosenbrook out of the apartment they shared.  In that, he was a willing participant.  That was only what was shown on TV.

Leida Margaretha Vs. Tasha Rosenbrook

Leida went on a social media rant against Tasha.  She called her “dirty” and a “bitch,” then accused her of lying.  Shortly thereafter, Leida claimed that death threats were being made against herself and son.  Perhaps fans were trying to defend Tasha. However, she never provided proof or shared the statements so there was speculation it was all hyperbole.  She did claim to have filed a police report on the matter.  Leida even shifted blame to TLC.  She claimed bad editing “dehumanized” her and Eric.

Leida Margaretha’s Instagram Temporarily Suspended

Leida then went on the attack.  She posted to Eric’s story that she had “roasted all your haters.”  Her tactics of exposing negative commenters forced Instagram to temporarily suspend her account due to app violations.  Reality TV commentator John Yates posted a screenshot of Leida’s reaction to her suspension.  Spoiler alert!   She takes no responsibility and rationalizes that she is the victim.

Tasha Rosenbrook Dishes Dirt On Leida Margaretha

After a few episodes of escalating drama, Tasha made a public vlog to share her side of the story.  She revealed that Leida had taken her mattress and forced her to sleep on the floor.  Tasha also made it known that Leida had illegally posted her private medical information on Facebook.  At that point in time, Tasha was threatening legal action against Leida.  Currently, there is no indication Tasha followed through on that.

Leida Margaretha Loses Endorsement

Eventually, Leida managed to evict Tasha from the apartment.  Once that episode aired, the fan backlash continued.  Leida was dropped from a marketing venture with online boutique SurelyMine.  The company received many complaints and concerns about using Leida as a spokesperson.

Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha “Quit” 90 Day Fiance

Finally, after their complaints to TLC about poor editing went unnoticed, Eric and Leida quit the series.  It was their claim that they quit, though it is possible TLC didn’t want to be burdened with Leida’s antics and fired them.  In their official statement, Leida claimed that TLC production company Sharp “doesn’t care about the death threats.”

Leida Margaretha & Eric Rosenbrook Have An Official Website

Leida definitely showed her true colors on social media.  Whatever argument she may have about bad editing, her Instagram is unfiltered Leida.  Despite the death threats and negative public feedback, Eric and Leida felt it perfectly necessary and appropriate to further expose themselves in a public domain.  They have created an official website!  This couple has gone full on to promote themselves as a brand.  For those interested, check out their website.


[Photo Credit- TLC]