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Lisa Vanderpump Wants Lala Kent’s Boyfriend Randall Emmett On Vanderpump Rules

After years of solely referring to Randall Emmett as “my man,” Lala Kent is much more open about their relationship. Nevertheless, he still hasn’t appeared on Vanderpump Rules. Now, that is something that Lisa Vanderpump wants to change.

Everyone else on the show is so open about their personal lives. So why does Lala get a free pass? Yes, I’m well aware that she’s said (several times) that her man isn’t the one who signed up for Vanderpump Rules. Blah Blah Blah. I get it. That’s valid. However, it just doesn’t really seem right that everyone else is giving so much of their lives. Plus, Lala and Randall are engaged now. Why not share their love? Let the viewers see what it’s like to travel via private jet on a regular basis?

During an interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Lisa began, “Well, I don’t know their relationship that intimately.” Neither do the viewers.

Lisa continued, “I’m actually pleased now that she can be more open about who she’s dating ’cause I think on a reality show if you’re shut down, it starts to kind of really provoke a lot of questions. People are more interested in what you’re hiding than what you’re saying. So I think that’s good.”

So maybe the next step is to actually share their relationship on television. Isn’t that the point of being on a reality TV show? To share your real life. Oh, maybe that’s naive of me. Nevertheless, that’s what Lisa believes. Lisa said, “I think he should actually be present in her life on the show because I think he’s an integral part of her life. So I think that’s something she should deal with at some point.”

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Even so, Lisa does have good things to say about Randall. She shared, “I think that he’s pretty supportive of her. When we’ve had dinner together he seems very supportive and supportive of the show, so that’s a good thing.”

Randall did appear on Flipping Out, another Bravo show, with Lala. So, why not appear on a show she’s actually a cast member on?

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[Photo Credit: Bravo]