90 Day Fiance: Police Respond To Domestic Dispute Between Eric Rosenbrook & Leida Margaretha

Another 90 Day Fiance couple is embroiled in a domestic dispute.  At least in this situation, no one was arrested.  But Leida Margaretha claimed that Eric Rosenbrook abused her.  The police were called, and ultimately, Eric spent the night at a hotel.

Yesterday, Eric posted a statement that explained what went down.  Reality show blogger John Yates copied it to his page.  According to Eric, Leida was threatening self-harm.  She had a knife in her hand and Eric tried to wrestle it from her.  In the process of doing so, he pulled up on her hair and restrained her.  Once the situation calmed, police were called.

Eric’s official statement about the incident goes into more detail, “I had to wrestle a knife from her.  As a result of the interaction, the Marine came out in me.  I pulled her hair to get her to stand up.  I was afraid of her hitting herself in face again.  She’s done that before and I had to restrain her.  So I restrained her wrists as she was being uncontrollable.”

Eric downplayed the altercation, “I didn’t pull hard and she didn’t resist.  No harm was caused physically.  She stood up on her own but it reminded her of what her dad did.  I know I didn’t react right and apologized.”

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Once the police arrived, they took statements from both Eric and Leida.  It was suggested that Leida go to the Hope House.  Instead, Eric vacated the premises for the night so that Leida could stay with Allessandro.  He is planning to extend the stay away to give his wife some space.

Despite their social media posts on the matter, the couple is asking for privacy while they deal with the fallout of the fight.  Leida shared this statement yesterday on her IG, “a domestic incident did take place between Eric and Leida on 1/20/19.  The couple asks that you please respect their desire to keep things private at this time.”

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