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Captain Lee Rosbach Calls Out Tyler Rowland For Orchestrating A “Dump Date”

Captain Lee Rosbach hates babysitting. Even so, he does trend towards giving both professional and personal advice to his crew.  At least for the purpose of writing his Below Deck blog.  This week he had a lot to say to Tyler Rowland for dumping Rhylee Gerber at a cheap patio bar.  You wouldn’t even think you were in Tahiti sitting on that slab of concrete.

But professionally, the Captain had nothing to chastise his crew over.  And he’ll always give praise where it’s due.  Captain Lee had great feedback for his Bosun Ross Inia, and Chief Stew Kate Chastain.  Both department heads have been keeping it drama free.

In his Below Deck blog, Captain Lee wrote, “Ross your deck crew is doing well.  It was touching to see you interact with your family and I hope that you get what you are looking for with them soon. Your crew is functioning well and that is a credit to you.”

For most of the season, Kate and Josiah Carter were at odds with their Third Stew.  First, it was the histrionics of Caroline Bedol. Then, it was Laura Betancourt’s attitude when she initially came aboard.  Ever since Laura backed down from a situation she was never going to have the upper hand in, the interior crew has been in top form.

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Captain Lee agreed, “Watching the interior crew function like they have really makes me feel good.  They are getting along.  When being the early person up from some demanding guests, Laura didn’t lose her stuff, didn’t complain, just calmly went about getting the work done.  And Kate, when she got up and checked with Laura to see how things were going.  Josiah is still performing at the top level that he started at so what is not to like.  Everyone deserves a pat on the back.”

Adrian Martin professionally was top notch all season.  But lately, his comments towards Laura have been causing her discomfort.  Captain Lee suggested Adrian dial it back a bit, “You had a few speed bumps it appears, but that is to be expected this late in a very difficult season.  And I do mean minor speed bumps.  Your food and presentation were, as usual, setting the bar.  I do feel that your comments with Laura were out of place.  I also feel had she said something to you earlier, you would have stopped immediately.”

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Captain Lee got a chance to relive middle school when Rhylee spoke to Ashton Pienaar about his kiss with Laura.  His reaction was priceless, “I thought I was back in high school when Rhylee told you she heard that Laura kissed you.  Oh, Golly Gee.  I about fell out of my chair.  Was that a real discussion? You seemed to have calmed down a bit. Especially where Laura is concerned. You two seem to be getting on well. Now just don’t muck it up and you should be good.”

Rhylee had a rough week with what Captain Lee called a “dump date.”  He sympathized but also commended her ability to focus on work despite dealing with some emotions.  He assessed the situation with Tyler. Captain Lee wrote, “He appeared to me to be interested in only one thing and when he got what he wanted, he was quickly moving on as soon as he perceived you moving too quickly.  You opened up too quickly and got hurt because of it.  I did feel good that you confronted him about it and did so in a very adult manner, with your emotions under control.  I really felt bad that you thought what was going to be a romantic date, was a dump date instead.”

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Captain Lee had the most to say to Tyler this week concerning his lousy date, “You really did make a date to dump her.  She gets all giddy because you asked her on a date and then you say, “if we’re ever in the same town again and hook up, rad.”  And then you think that she is going to go back to being the booty call that you are treating her like.”

Captain Lee continues with the assumption that Tyler will evolve in his maturity, “Someday, somewhere, sometime, a girl is going to do the same thing to you and that’s when the light will go on, I hope.  I think you should have been more upfront with her earlier than you were, so there were no expectations of you ‘just going back to banging,’ After all, what’s wrong with that?  Can’t believe you said that either.”

Captain Lee is not alone in his disbelief.  Those two will have some awkward moments in their quarters for sure next episode.  Or maybe it will be business as usual.  Cue the night vision camera.


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