Below Deck - Kate Chastain & Laura Betancourt in Tahiti

Below Deck Season 6 Crew Reflects On The Season

Captain Lee Rosbach described season 6 of Below Deck as the “best of a lifetime with the “best charter crew ever. “And he doesn’t mince words.

Of course, our points of comparison are the previous deck crew letting the yacht slam into the dock.  Or a chef with a fondness for beef-cheeks.  We don’t even have to go back that far in time.  Who could forget Chandler Brooks inept reign as bosun?

Kate Chastain has been the Chief Stew since Below Deck season 2.  She’s seen many a crew member come and go.  But this season’s cast really resonated with her.  Kate described her emotions during the Below Deck After Show. She said, “This was the first season that, when we were leaving, I was crying.  Because when you have a good yacht crew, it feels like a family.  A really cool family.  And I was sad that we would never get that dynamic back.  We had just found our groove.  I would have worked 6 more weeks with y’all.  It was such a good vibe.”

Second Stew Josiah Carter agreed that it wasn’t easy to leave My Seanna at the end of the season.  He said, “It’s hard when you’ve got it right.”

Laura Betancourt did a complete 180 in terms of her demeanor when she first came onboard.  It’s almost as if her “check yourself” rant to Kate never happened.  Laura shared her desire to extend the season. She remarked, “As soon as everything started to finally work together.  And we all started to really get along, it was over.  So it would have been nice to see it a week or two, or even a month or something.  A couple of charters after we were all getting along.  It was fun.  I go up excited.  It would have been really nice to continue.”

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Rhylee Gerber wanted to take the positive from the situation.  She reflected on the experience, “I don’t regret anything. Other than the fact that you know I could have been a little bit less abrasive.  You know, that’s something I’ll work on.”

Tyler Rowland came late in the game but made his mark.  He was almost the perfect blend of a hard worker and laidback crewmate.  Tyler revealed that he wouldn’t be returning to yachting.  He explained how the experience affected him, “coming on the boat as strangers and leaving as family.  The coolest thing.  Forever, for the rest of our lives.  We’ve got each other’s back.”

Adrian Martin had a different take.  He said, “for me, it’s not a sad thing to leave people.  It’s a beautiful thing because you know they’re going to be in your life forever.  You’ve found part of your tribe.  Now it’s time for a new adventure.”  Adrian also decided to move on from yachting.

The important question is, would Bravo cast a harmonious crew for another season?  Assuming all the cast member wanted to return, what are the chances Bravo put them all together again?  Surely some drama and dysfunction makes for better TV.

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