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Captain Lee Rosbach On Below Deck Season 6: “We Had It All”

Captain Lee Rosbach is not one to mince words.  The crew of Below Deck Season 6″ has been exceptional.”  And to mirror that sentiment, Captain Lee’s blog was filled with praise for each crew member.

Adrian Martin really kept himself focused in the galley.  He functioned mostly drama free, but earned camera time with amazing dishes and presentation.

Captain Lee praised Adrian to the fullest extent in his blog. We “you hit a couple of minor speed bumps in the time we shared but they paled in comparison to some of the alleged chefs that myself and Kate have had to deal with.  You probably have the best creative mind in the culinary field that we have ever had the pleasure of having on board.”

Adrian also has a penchant for combing the sea floor for table decorations.  Captain Lee was underwhelmed by the idea.  He backed up Kate Chastain, “not sure what the dust up was about with Adrian.  But he did seem a bit miffed about not using his idea for the centerpiece.  I would not have liked to come out and seen a slimy sea slug in the middle of the table myself.”

Captain Lee praised Kate’s management style, “Overall you had a great season with a lot of challenges.  It was great to see the camaraderie develop as the season developed.  You really pulled the team together.”

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Laura Betancourt turned her whole demeanor around.  She worked hard and ended up on Captain Lee’s good side, “What a gem you morphed into.  I really have to give you credit for really pulling it together.  You dealt with this last charter like the pro you are.  Although you weren’t on the whole season, I can honestly say I wish that you had been.  It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Josiah Carter never missed a beat.  He expressed his desire to be Chief Stew in his own right.  Captain Lee had only the best words for Josiah, “You made everyone around you better.  You contained your emotions around this last charter very well.  You sir did not raise the bar, you set the bar.  Great season, well done.”

Ross Inia took over as Bosun mid-season.  Captain Lee commended Ross on pulling his team together, “You performed very well under some adverse conditions.  It was great to see the crew that you handled, perform so well on this last few charters.  You molded your crew well sir and I thank you for all your efforts this season.”

Ross the miracle worker even got through to Rhylee Gerber.  She had a few moments of self-reflection throughout the season.  Captain Lee praised her transformation, “you have come a long way from when you first stepped on board. You have done yourself proud this season. I just want you to know that I appreciate all the effort you put forth to improve and that your efforts really paid off.”

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Tyler Rowland took a very sloppy exit on the crew night out.  Captain Lee had advice for Tyler both as a manager and a father figure, “You are a great kid.  That being said, I feel like there is a little bit of the maturation process that needs to be completed with you.  On the last night out, you had to break two of my cardinal rules.  Don’t embarrass yourself, and do not embarrass the boat.”

Captain Lee agreed that Tyler may not be suited for yacht life, “I’m not sure yachting is something you should pursue unless you work on your social skills as well.  You have a good personality, get on well with your crewmates, at least the ones you aren’t banging, and you have a great work ethic.  I’m sure the rest will come in time.”

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Ashton Pienaar had a unique experience on board My Seanna this season.  He recovered quickly, both emotionally and physically.  Captain Lee praised his resilience and predicted a successful future in yachting.  He said, “I’m just so glad that you are here to have me blog about you.  You worked hard.  You played harder.  And I feel that you have the makings of a great mariner.  You have a great future ahead of you.”


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