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Kathryn Dennis Wants Court Records Sealed In Custody Battle With Thomas Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have been one of the most fascinating couples on reality television. The Southern Charm duo began a turbulent romance on Season 1 of the show that quickly resulted in two children. And LOTS of drama. Viewers know that the love affair didn’t last for long, however. And that Kathryn and Thomas have been engaged in a custody battle since 2016. She initially lost custody after a failed drug test.

Last October, Kathryn, who now has 50/50 custody, filed for primary custody of their children. Since then, both sides have made allegations of unfit parenting, substance abuse and more against each other. Now, Kathryn has gone back to court asking that the case records for their current custody battle be sealed.

According to documents obtained by The BlastKathryn is claiming that “despite a restraining order in place against Ravenel, he has allegedly posted disparaging comments against her on social media.” And “secretly released to the media (either by himself or through agents) a video recorded by his private detective of surveillance showing that she scraped a car while backing out of her parking space in an effort to disparage the Plaintiff.”

Thomas being vengeful? Using social media as a weapon? Not our level-headed, even-tempered Prince of Charleston! And if scraping another car is the best dirt Thomas can find on Kathryn, she is leading a very boring life.

Kathryn also argues that “it is in the best interest of their children to not allow the public to continue to read about the custody battle.” How could it not be in the best interest of the children to not have their parents’ battles splashed all over the internet and social media? They might not have an awareness of what is going on right now, but the children will have immediate access to all of their parents’ indiscretions in the future. Of which there are many.

Interestingly, Kathryn also wants to prevent “detailed deposition testimony and/or other testimony that negatively portray the Defendant’s parenting abilities from being made public. Similarly, she doesn’t want any negative allegations made against her being posted all over the news.”

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Wouldn’t that make sense? Unless you want to try the custody case in the media? And considering that Thomas is currently in a lawsuit with Bravo and facing sexual assault charges, you would think he would want as much privacy as possible. However, when Thomas gets angry, he often takes a scorched earth approach and all reason goes out the window.

Kathryn is also “asking for the judge to grant her motion, seal the case and award her attorney fees” according to The Blast.  Honestly, all this seems pretty reasonable. Which has not always been the case with Kathryn.

Viewers have watched Kathryn mature over the last few years, from an explosive and impulsive young woman with substance abuse issues to a more mature, sober and stable person. Last season, Kathryn made amends with Southern Charm adversaries Cameran Eubanks, Patricia Altschul, and Whitney Sudler-Smith. And even more amazingly, she gracefully deflected vicious personal attacks from Thomas’ then-girlfriend Ashley Jacobs. Who really didn’t deserve an ounce of Kathryn’s mercy.

One thing is clear-Kathryn has made a real effort to change who she is and become a better parent. And asking that matters related to the custody case be private seems to be another indicator of her personal growth.

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