Below Deck’s Caroline Bedol Is Asking Fans For Donations

Caroline Bedol’s brief tenure on Below Deck was fraught with histrionics and paranoia.  Third Stews don’t have longevity on this show, but Caroline didn’t even get a full’s day work in.  She was consistently unwell.  A swollen foot was the only visible and concrete ailment.

Perhaps Caroline was truly a victim of a toxic atmosphere as she claimed.  If so, she certainly would be faring better on land, right?  You decide.  There was a cringe-worthy call into Watch What Happens Live, and a welfare check to her home in December.

Now, Caroline is making a public plea for money.  She is supposedly unemployed and desperate.  Caroline posted a message concerning the matter on her Instagram Story. She wrote, “thank you to everyone who donated to me.  I am not proud of it but I’m still in need of money and work.  If you can donate, the link is in my bio.  Thank you so much for not judging me.”

Below Deck’s Caroline Bedol

It’s not clear that Caroline has a reason to thank anyone.  Currently, the Paypal account reads at zero.  Her Instagram followers left a lot of skeptical messages on her post such as, “get a job and quit begging people for money.” Another person commented, “stop smoking, get a job.  Those two things will help your financial situation.”

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Below Deck’s Caroline Bedol

Caroline does put out conflicting messages when she asks for money and then jokes about getting free drugs.  She was sporting a new pair of frames on a recent post with the caption, “when you look like this weed is free.”

Here’s the downside of appearing on reality TV, especially if you acted the way Caroline did in a professional job setting.  That footage will follow you everywhere.  Good luck to her.  Whether she is honestly looking for a job or not.

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[Photo Credit- Bravo]