NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 09: Tom D'Agostino and wife Luann de Lesseps pose at the Opening Night of "Sunset Boulevard"on Broadway at The Palace Theatre on February 9, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic)

Did Luann de Lesseps Cheat On Tom D’Agostino Before He Cheated On Her?

Tom D’Agostino deserves a bushel of apples for the drama he’s delivered on Real Housewives of New York.  There was his whirlwind relationship and short-lived marriage to Luann de Lesseps. A marriage that ended just a hair over seven months in.

From the start, it seemed like a question of “when” it would be over rather than “if.”  Particularly after Bethenny Frankel told Luann about photos of Tom kissing another woman just weeks after they got engaged.  After the wedding, it seemed like there was a new story every week on Tom’s alleged shadiness. Then following news of their divorce, the internet went crazy and Tom was branded as a cheater, liar, and all-around bad guy.  Even so, Luann denied that infidelity played a role in their split.

An article in Page Six reports otherwise.  Apparently, Tom is finally admitting that he cheated on Luann, but only because he claims Luann strayed first!  Tom A source told Page Six that Tom’s fury was stoked after Luann claimed in her “Countess and Friends” cabaret show that he was unfaithful.
The idea of Luann cheating rings true considering her arrest in Palm Beach stemmed from her trespassing in a hotel room with an unidentified man. But I’m shocked by the idea that Luann stepped out on Tom first because I believed in her delusion belief in their love. True or not, this latest wrinkle explains the speedy collapse of their marriage.
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The article also reports that Tom has been mocking Luann, who’s been to rehab twice since their split. He’s “joked” to pals, “I didn’t realize I was marrying a Walgreens!,” claiming that Luann had more pills in the house than the pharmacy chain.  While Luann’s struggles with alcohol have been public, there’s been no suggestion of a problem with drugs or pills.

Reached for comment, Luann told Page Six, “I wish [Tom] well. I have moved on, and I hope he can do the same.”  That is not much of a denial. So, I’ll just go with “Wow” on all counts.

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