Tom D’Agostino Denies Cheating And Abuse Ended His Marriage To Luann de Lesseps

It was a whirlwind courtship and marriage for Luann de Lesseps and Tom D’Agostino, and now it’s a whirlwind divorce. Too bad the Real Housewives Of New York reunion filmed before Lu confirmed the split. Oh, the drama we could’ve had. Andy Cohen should request a do-over.

So many rumors, so few days of marriage! Although Luann only announced last week that her marriage was officially over, Luann and Tom seemed to be over since they began.

Following news of their divorce, rumors swirled that Luann caught Tom being unfaithful, and that she was even rekindling things with ex-boyfriend Jacques. Reportedly, Luann and Tom even had a very public fight where she slapped him. Luann has already denied that infidelity played a role in their split and explained that they simply grew apart. Which is kind of what cheating is, right?!

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Now a source claims that we’ve had it all wrong and that Luann never considered Tom anything more than a showmance. The source told The Daily Mail that Luann only married Tom because she was “becoming irrelevant on [RHONY] and needed a new story line,” which is why she was never bothered by his affairs and Housewives hookups.

And contrary to the Legend Of The Head Of Heels In Love Luann, the source insists it was actually TOM who was madly in love with her and is having a “difficult time” accepting that he was used for RHONY. Has he been talking to Jason Hoppy lately? Yes, apparently Tom was soooooooo in love he cheated, right?!

The allegations go even further, accusing Luann not just of being unfaithful, but also asserting that she “was prone to violent outbursts,” which left Tom bruised and bloodied. “It does not take much for her to punch, bite, slap or scratch him,” the insider revealed. Is that source Ramona?

Tom is now denouncing the lurid tale. In a statement issued through his rep, he defends Luann and maintains that the exes are on good terms despite the split. “There is no truth in this at all,” Tom’s rep told People. “Tom and Luann spoke this morning and they have been nothing but kind to each other.”

The countess also doesn’t believe Tom continued cheating. “We were having problems and we tried really hard to fix things,” Luann shared with Page Six, “and we finally came to the conclusion it was just not going to work.”

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Personally, I think Luann got caught up in the idea of finding love again, and when Tom cheated, she dug her heels in to prove their love was real and avoid embarrassment. Luann didn’t appear to be faking happiness. It’s sad they could not work it out, but it was probably for the best. Perhaps the third time’s a charm for the Countess no-more!

Luann changed her last name back to “de Lesseps” on Twitter and Instagram, so that means this divorce is like for-realz, y’all!


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