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Luann de Lesseps Discusses Her Ongoing Feud With Dorinda Medley

Besides some missing lobsters, the main storyline on season 11 of Real Housewives of New York is the bad blood between Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley. It’s a shame they can’t drink and make up!  But they can’t, and Luann’s hard-fought sobriety is part of the problem. An emotional dumpster fire conflagration that began last season when Luann— between trips to rehab– threw shade on Dorinda for her drinking.
I never thought Sonja Morgan would be the voice of reason, but she spoke for all of us when she said Luann shouldn’t be advising Dorinda about her drinking. No good has come of it. Bethenny Frankel tried to settle the beef at a “gangster lunch” last episode, which ended in a truce. A truce as opposed to a heartfelt reconciliation because Dorinda refused to admit heckling Luann.

Luann had more to say about the feud in her Bravo blog. “There are times when it’s better to be cordial, and I felt Sonja’s Paper Magazine party wasn’t the right time to get into it with Dorinda. I wanted to talk to her one-on-one, and Bethenny was right—lunch together was a better idea to help us iron out our differences. Dorinda is still not owning her actions about what went down at my cabaret show. She may have thought that yelling out ‘THANK YOU, JOVANI’ wasn’t heckling, but I did, and so did everybody else.” Everyone with the possible exception of Dorinda’s boyfriend John Mahdessian is firmly Team Luann on this score.
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Luann lost some high ground by shading Dorinda’s outfit at the luncheon.  “As for her matching hair and lipstick, I’ll let you decide…gangsta chic or disaster?” I’d say “gangsta disaster.” Then Luann gave a shout out to her muscle Barbara Kavovit for having her back, writing, “She looked good doing it wearing my Countess Collection…” Luann was referring to her jewelry collection because these Real Housewives are all about the hustle.

Beside the Countess Collection, Luann is working on her community service hours. She shared some color commentary on last episode when she visited a food bank with her friend Ann. “My service hours are recorded by my NYC parole officer,” Luann wrote, “and she is no nonsense! I told her about going Upstate that weekend, she said it’s not if I go…it’s CAN I go. Until I finish my probation, which is this summer, I’m not free to travel without permission, and that loss of freedom is not fun, but I accept it. As for having a little nosh at God’s Love, if you are going to soup it out…you’ve got to taste it!!!”

To echo the words of the stunned chef who caught her sampling the wares, “That’s a first.”

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