Tamra Judge Claims Ex Simon Barney Refuses To Let Their Youngest Daughter Film On The Real Housewives Of Orange County

Real Housewives of Orange County has had more than its share of divorces amongst cast members. Some of the splits have been relatively low drama-like the Gina/Jeanas-Gina Kirschenheiter and Jeana Keough. Other un-couplings have occurred after decades-long marriages fell apart-like the unions of Lynne Curtin and Vicki Gunvalson.

And a few breakups have been ugly-like those of OC besties Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge. Tamra probably gets the “award” for the longest standing drama following a breakup, however. Since she and ex-hubby Simon Barney parted ways in 2010, they have engaged in public battles over parenting and child custody. Now, Tamra is alleging that her youngest daughter Sophia wants to film on the show, but Simon won’t allow it.

As reported by People Magazine, Tamra recently shared a text message exchange between herself and Sophia about Bravo filming on her Instagram Story. In the message, Sophia asked Tamra, “how was the bravo shoot?” Tamra responded, “It was okay.” Then Sophia texted, “oh Bronx (the family dog) was in it but not me.” The text exchange was in relation to a photo shoot for the upcoming season of  Real Housewives of Orange County.

In the photo Tamra shared, husband Eddie Judge, oldest son Ryan Vieth and Bronx appear. And Sophia’s text seemingly reveals that she was feeling left out of the photo shoot. Oh, Tamra, always creating drama on social media!

The reason Tamra’s younger children have not been on Real Housewives of Orange County has been because Simon would not allow it. Youngest son Spencer appeared towards the end of last season after he had turned 18 and was legally able to sign his own contracts. Oldest daughter Sidney Barney, from whom Tamra has been estranged, has not appeared on the show in years.

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Stirring the pot even further, Tamra captioned across the photo of Eddie, Ryan, and Bronx, “Breaks my heart That Sophia feels left out We’ve begged her dad.” OK Tamra, do you really think that Simon is going to see this and think, “Gee, Tamra has been right all these years. I should have been allowing the kids to film all along.” Probably not!

It is natural that Tamra would want her children to film. It would show more of her true day-to-day life. Which might soften her image a bit. And possibly give her more opportunities for screen time. Step right up and see the loving and attentive mother in HDTV!

However, it is understandable why Simon would not allow his children to film. Tamra has not always presented herself as an upstanding citizen. Nudity, drunkenness, meltdowns, fights and more have all been parts of Tamra’s storylines over the years. She even used her estrangement from Sidney as a part of filming, after she had asked Tamra to not mention her on television. Why would Simon want his children on a show where they could potentially be exploited or publicly embarrassed?

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Tamra should probably not hold out hope that Simon will allow Sophia to be filmed any time soon. Publicly sharing private family matters over social media is not going to thaw the ice between the exes. Especially when you make your ex out to be the villain, as Tamra has done for years.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]