Milania Giudice Makes Public Plea For Donald Trump To Pardon Her Father Joe Giudice Before His Deportation

We all know that many Housewife storylines play out during a single season and are never addressed again as they are resolved, ignored or forgotten. That is not the case, however, for the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s  Joe Giudice and his legal problems. Joe was released from prison in March after serving 41 months for bank and bankruptcy fraud. And immediately following his release, he was taken into custody by ICE on immigration issues, as he never became an American citizen, despite living in the country for over 40 years.

On April 6, 2019, Joe’s appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals was denied. He is now facing deportation back to Italy if his recently filed stay with the Third Circuit Court of Appeals is also denied. All of this must be very sad and stressful for the Giudice family, no matter how you may feel about them. One member of the family, wild-child Milania Giudice, recently made a very public plea for support for her father so he can remain in the U.S. with his family-and she is even asking for help from none other than President Donald Trump.

In a dramatic Instagram post, Milania asked for assistance from the public-and the President-in helping with Joe’s fight to avoid deportation. Melania pleaded, “WE need EVERYONES HELP PLEASE REPOST! How could we live and support a nation that Allows sex offenders and pedophiles to stay in the United States as long as we register them to a list knowing they could live next-door and harm again, yet they could take a man who committed a minor crime to support his family away from his family it makes me want to leave this country!!!!!!”

Of course, like any daughter, Milania would want her father to avoid deportation. I do quibble a bit with her reasoning, however. Joe did not get a ticket for disorderly conduct-he systematically chose to break the law-repeatedly. As did Miliana’s mother Teresa Giudice, who served time for her own financial crimes. Maybe Milania doesn’t understand that most people are able to support their families without committing crimes. Unlike the high living Giudices, those hardworking people choose to live within their means-and obey the law.

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Milania is leaving no stone unturned in seeking assistance for her father. She went on to write in her Instagram post, “#BringJOEHome!!!!!! #cnn #nbc #nbcnewyork #nbcnews #pix11news #trump #trumpmeme #donaldtrump do something intervene I voted for you because I support you and what you stand for And your strong belief to take a positive stance and make a change in this country aside from the fact that you supported your own campaign financially.”

OK-I am not even going to ask how Milania “voted for” the President. I assume she is just making a point, but I don’t want to know the details. Besides, it is difficult to imagine that her own mother Teresa even knows how to use a voting booth! A tanning booth, obviously, but a voting booth?

The hope that the President could actually intervene on Joe’s behalf seemed to fire up Milania. She exclaimed, “If you can do all those things and all the things you have done I think you can make a motion to bring this man home back to his family instead of sending him to a country that he has no ties to besides his cultural background.”

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Could the President intervene? Possibly. But, the bottom line is that Joe made his own bed-at least he had to in prison! And now he is paying the consequences for committing felonies and choosing not to become an American citizen for decades. Besides, Joe would be deported to Italy-not exactly the worst place to be exiled to. And Teresa and Joe can make choices about their future as a family-and how they live together-or apart-in the future.

In a final plea, Milania asks the President, “please help@realdonaldtrump Make a motion to pardon Joe Giudice 1 nation under God! God’s in control nobody else #FREEDOMofSpeech #PLEASE REPOST.” Will the President intervene? It seems unlikely, but stranger things have happened. What is tragic about all of this is that two adults made terrible choices that resulted in tearing their family apart. And now they have a child who is pleading for help to repair the consequences of their selfish actions. Very sad, indeed.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]