Joe Giudice & Milania

Milania & Gia Giudice Speak Out About Joe Giudice’s Deportation

No matter how you people feel about Joe Giudice and his legal issues, most human beings have to sympathize for his four daughters after the deportation news. A judge declared that Teresa Giudice’s husband will be deported to Italy after he gets out of prison in March.

Now two of their daughters, Milania Giudice and Gia Giudice, are speaking out in response to the judge’s decision.

Milania posted some photos with her dad on Instagram and wrote “My dad, who is the best dad in the world, needs to come home. We aren’t done fighting dad. I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t imagine another day without you. We are gonna do everything we can to fight this daddy!! I love you with all my heart buddy #heartbroken.”

Milania’s older sister Gia shared a throwback photo and wrote a very lengthy caption. She began, “This is one of my favorite pictures of me and my dad.”

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Gia wrote, “my father is no threat to society he is one of the most warm hearted people I know, he would never harm a soul. He puts everyone else before himself. I know who my father is and I think many of you do too. My father did his time and learned from his mistakes. Isn’t being in there supposed to make you realize your mistakes so you can become a better person? And that’s exactly what my father did. He hasn’t felt or looked this good since he was in his 30’s.”

She concluded, “We have so many plans to do as a family when he gets out. I need my father to be here. My father belongs with us and his entire family. My father came into this country when he was one years old, the United States is the only country he knows, spread the word #bringjoehome.”

Teresa has not said anything publicly about the judge’s decision but she did post a photo of the Statue of Liberty with hands over its face.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]