Tasha Rosenbrook Updates Fans On Her Fight To Appeal Restraining Order From Leida Margaretha

Eric Rosenbrook and Leida Margaretha may have planned to be the stars of their scenes on 90 Day Fiance, but it was Eric’s daughter, Tasha Rosenbrook, who quickly became the fan favorite.  That sentiment was solidified after viewers watched in horror as Leida and Eric kicked Tasha out of the apartment they all briefly shared.

Since then, Leida and Eric quit the show but the conflict is far from over.  They had a four year restraining order put on Tasha.  She was determined to appeal it.  Fans donated to GoFundMe to support Tasha with the legal fees.  On Monday, she and her roommate Jan posted an update on the case via Instagram story.

InTouch ran an article on Tasha’s message to her fans.  She is very direct about the state of her appeal, “we are here to update you finally on what’s going on. Unfortunately, there’s no good news here.”

Tasha explained how the funds were utilized, “so firstly, I would like to say that yes, the money from the GoFundMe did go towards the lawyer, but she refunded all the money that we gave her because she decided to withdraw from my case about two weeks ago.”

Those that donated are assured that their money will be returned if they  request a refund.  Tasha is first resolving the issue of putting the money back into the GoFundMe account.

Jan detailed the process.  She said, “it was used to retain a lawyer to fight the restraining order but the lawyer withdrew from the case.  Tasha has to figure out how to return money to the account before she can issue refunds.”

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“She [the lawyer] felt like she didn’t quite have what it took to do a restraining order case,” Tasha said, “and not only that, but in order to reopen the original case, we’d have to appeal to a higher court with would cost almost $10,000.”

Jan explained that appealing to a state-level court is vastly more expensive.  She said, “it’s not that we didn’t have new evidence to present, Tasha doesn’t have the money.  That’s a lot of money.”

But Tasha still plans to fight back.  Jan said, “Tasha doesn’t have thousands of dollars to take this to the state level and get new evidence presented to a new judge, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to try to get her security deposit back, Eric.”

“Too much time has passed and there hasn’t been any bashing of Tasha that we know of on social media, no direct comments towards her,” Jan continued,  “it’s not because we weren’t trying, it’s just things weren’t working out.”

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Tasha will not be pursuing the matter further.  She said, “it’s just a mess.  It’s going to cost thousands of dollars for the new retainer if I wanted to reopen the case and then it’s going to cost who knows how much more for a new lawyer too.  Plus if I found a lawyer outside of my county, I’d have to pay for them to travel.  It’s just not worth my mental health anymore.”


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