Summer House Recap: Kyle Turns A Year Older But Not Much Wiser


We’re halfway through this season of Summer House but it seems like there is plenty of drama to come. The whole house drives out to the Hamptons (minus Danielle Olivera and Kyle Cooke), have a family dinner and get ready for a night out. Right off the bat, we learn Carl Radke did not follow through on weekday plans with Paige DeSorbo like he said he would soooo she’s out. Carl says he’s put himself out there a lot with her & is too busy looking for a new job to send her a quick good morning text; how Carl can be so obtuse sometimes is beyond me. Danielle meets up the crew at a bar and somehow she and Jordan Verroi get left alone at the table and things escalate quickly.

He tells her he doesn’t want to have sex with her and she asks him if he’s a virgin (multiple times). Despite his denials, Danielle is not buying what he’s selling. Lindsay Hubbard saying that Jordan is either a virgin or Ted Bundy is truly the most accurate thing she’s said all season. Deep down I think we all know Jordan definitely has a secret he’s not willing to share with the group…yet. Part of me also thinks he just isn’t comfortable filming and is overcompensating to appear cool. It’s tough to watch but happens to the best of reality tv newbies.

With Kyle out town, Hannah Berner, Paige & Amanda are ready for a little GNO; they decide to see who can get the most numbers from guys at the bar. Without saying a word, you know Carl is bummed to see Paige talk with anyone else of the opposite sex. My bets are on Amanda. She’s got a buzz on, rocking a red lip, and her bf is out of town. Like she said, she’s here to win. Low and behold, I was right and Amanda got 7 numbers at the bar. Good for her to know she’s still got it especially with some more cheating rumors heading her way.


Before we get to that, Amanda is going all out for Kyle’s 36th birthday. Her friend owns a luxury car dealership and somehow agrees to lend this crew a bunch of sports cars for the day. Hopefully, they opted for insurance on those things. Amanda is the girlfriend of the century. Knowing the rumor we all know, I have a pit about this birthday celebration (as does Linsday).

Lindsay decides to confide in Danielle and break the news she heard from a friend; that Kyle made out with another girl a few months ago. For Amanda‘s sake, I really hope this is just a rumor. She doesn’t deserve to be embarrassed by Kyle on national TV. Again. Danielle and Lindsay to decide to be mature adults and keep this to themselves until at least after his birthday. Good call, ladies. Kyle shows up and describes the sight of these cars as a wet dream. Sooo Amanda killed it.


Time to hit the road in these fast cars – they take a quick spin around town before it’s time to get ready for the party. Jordan has to drive around alone since Hannah went home to see her parents. I too would rather hang with my parents than drive around in a rented sports car for a few minutes.

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The dynamic between Hannah and her dad is interesting since he was her coach when she was a super competitive tennis player. It’s refreshing to see her open up so much and discuss some of the struggles she has with guys due to her relationship with her Dad. It seems like they’ve come along way since she decided to hang up her racquet and it’s very sweet to see.

summer house-paige-car

Back at the house, the squad gets dressed up nice and fancy for a Monte Carlo party. While Kyle and Amanda are getting ready, they discuss his visit with his parents. He told them about the first cheating scandal.

Then, they were off to the party! It’s 9:20pm and none of them have had a drip of alcohol so first stop at this party is obviously the bar. With champagne in hand, Jordan and Hannah chit chat where she tries to find out if he’s a virgin. Across the room, Amanda, Kyle and Carl are discussing the same topic.


While there is definitely something fishy about Jordan, I think it’s important to note that no one cares if he’s a virgin or not, it’s about the outlandish stories and potential lies Jordan continues to tell. Despite Hannah‘s best efforts, Jordan tells her he almost brought home a hooker the night before. So, he’s still not opening up. She gives up and heads outside when her and Danielle’s guys show up. Dave, Hannah’s guy, has the cutest accent and clearly really likes her. I ship this couple! Unfortunately, Paige isn’t as lucky tonight. The guy she invited stood her up. Again maybe I am bias since I have a girl crush on Paige, but I can’t wrap my head around a straight guy standing this girl up.

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She’s bummed and decides to eat her feelings aka a cheeseburger. Reason 100 why she’s the most relatable of this group. I feel like the Carl/Paige relationship is a rollercoaster of emotions. Half the time I ship them. Half the time I think he’s an idiot. She confides in Carl that she has been cheated on and I take that personally. How these super pretty, funny and smart girls keep getting cheating on makes ZERO sense. This proves 95% of dudes are trash. Sorry, not sorry.

paige-danielle-summer house

The night is winding down. Everyone has had a lot to drink and therefore their lips are loose… especially Danielle’s. She tells Paige what Lindsay told her and Paige is honestly shocked. Lindsay gets wind of the situation. She is understandably upset Danielle spilled the beans. It was not her place to say anything especially to Amanda‘s best friend. Next week, Paige finally ends up in Carl’s bed (!!!). And the rumor about Kyle is finally revealed to the entire house.


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