90 Day Fiance’s Larissa Dos Santos Lima And Colt Johnson Finalize Their Divorce

The separation of Larissa Dos Santos Lima and Colt Johnson was made into a public affair as both parties shared details of their tumultuous relationship in real time.  The  90 Day Fiance couple posted about the fights, altercations, and scandals that plagued their relationship on social media.  So despite the fact that 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premiered this past Sunday, fans of the show already know how it will end.

It was inevitable.  Larissa was arrested three times during their brief but hectic relationship.  There were accusations of infidelity, among other things and an intimate photo circulating the internet.  Without taking sides, one could say Colt and Larissa were toxic together.

But thankfully, the relationship is now officially over.  According to an article from People, Larissa and Colt reached a settlement in their divorce.  Not only that, but court documents described the agreement as “amicable.”

Colt’s request for summary disposition of divorce filing stipulates that spousal support will not be distributed between the parties.  “Neither of them shall be entitled to spousal support from the other…and forever relinquish any right to spousal support.”

The document is very specific regarding the issue of public rumors.  Considering their social media activity pre-split, it’s hardly a wonder why this was included.  The document states, “neither shall themselves, or cause of permit third parties, to slander, defame, disparage, or communicate untruths, malicious statements, false and slanderous statements, information, rumors, or salacious material of any kind against the other person, or against the other person’s family, friends, employers, employees, or other close relatives and associates, whether in written form, verbally, on paper, on the Internet, on any social media application, or in nay manner.”

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Of course, the issue of finances came up.  Colt’s frugal ways were a huge storyline for the couple on the hit reality TV series.  Larissa’s efforts to buy a car with a working AC, a sofa for their bare living-room, or even her dream wedding dress were all in vain.  The only woman Colt can trust with a joint bank account is his mother Debbie Johnson.

This made the divorce a lot easier.  The court document state that, “there is no community income, property, assets, or debts to this union.  There are no retirement accounts, financial accounts or other property to split between the parties given the short term duration of the marriage.”

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So how do these former lovebirds feel about the ending of their marriage?  According to Colt’s lawyer, “Colt is very pleased that the matter is resolved and that both parties can move on with their lives. Given the short duration of the marriage and with there being no property matters or custody considerations, the matter should have, and has, settled early in the proceedings. The attorneys are preparing the Stipulated Decree to submit to the Court, which will be signed and entered, and will then be a matter of public record.”

And on a personal note, “Colt wishes Larissa the best in her future endeavors.”

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Larissa’s rep spoke to People to give this brief statement, “Larissa is very happy to close this chapter of her life and excited for what her future holds.”

Both parties now travel through Las Vegas in air-conditioned vehicles.  Larissa has moved on with a new manColt and mama Deb bought a new car.  I’d say it’s a win-win situation for all.


[Photo Credit- TLC]