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Gizelle Bryant Says It Was “Ridiculous” When Karen Huger Didn’t Open The Door During Her Surprise Visit

Word on the street is that Gizelle Bryant is back for another season of Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle is clearly the breakout star of the show. That doesn’t appear to be changing. She’s majorly messy, but she has some of the best Real Housewives one-liners. Another thing remaining unchanged is her feud with Karen Huger.

Gizelle and Karen have been friends for many years, but things are NOT looking good for the future. There is enough shade between them to block out the sun. On the season premiere, Gizelle baked cookies from THE HEART. She tried to drop them off to the Grand Dame. However, the drive by baked goods delivery didn’t sit well with Karen. WE ARE DYING TO KNOW: what does Gizelle think about what went down in Great Falls?

Gizelle took to her Bravo blog to dissect the cookie situation between her with Karen. It looks like Gizelle believes Karen is the problem in their friendship.

In the blog, Gizelle said, “Karen is a funny one. She asks me to knock down her door and be a friend. I go knocking and the door doesn’t open. She wants me to show her friendship and when I do she doesn’t want to receive it. Is it me or does this friendship need its own revolving door?”

Given their history, isn’t it natural for Karen to question Gizelle’s motives? Last season she accused her of not even living there. So, why stop by?

Last season also saw the infamous press conference where Karen gathered everyone and said nothing. Although, the biggest thing that stood out was Gizelle mocking Karen with her t-shirt.

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Gizelle is not one ounce remorseful about her actions based on her blog comments. She wrote, “I have zero regrets about joking with Karen because I was trying to help her. The jokes were going to give her the ability to easily discuss the inconsistencies in her stories. So now I know, when I read about her life in the creditable Washington Post, I will not give that info to Chris Rock to use in his next routine. Got it!”

If you’re really somebody’s friend, should you be making tasteless jokes about their struggles? At what point does messy become hateful? Karen needs a REAL FRIEND. Gizelle has not been showing those qualities.

Karen refusing to accept the cookies from Gizelle was SO FUNNY. Gizelle also touched on that in the blog as well. “Karen not opening the door was RIDICULOUS, she knows that no one is visiting her in Great Falls. She should have been happy to get a visitor bearing gifts. But of course she opened the door and took my cookies. I mean who can resist seeing my face and my pretty great eyes :-).”

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The shade seems a little unnecessary, but Karen did say she wanted a friend. It’s so hard to tell if Gizelle is being genuine or not. Don’t ask Karen about Gizelle’s genuineness though because she’s sick of that question.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out the remainder of the season. We’d like to see the longtime friends patch things up and move forward. Although that’d be a little boring to watch!


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