90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere To Run

On last night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After, Larissa Dos Santos Lima gor arrested for a second time since being in the United States. This time the police actually kicked down the door in order to investigate an anonymous call about a domestic situation.

I would suspect her husband, Colt Johnson’s mother, Debbie Johnson, had she not been out of town during the fight. Either way, I am sure she has immigration on speed dial in hopes of Larissa’s deportation. Then, Debbie will finally have her big baby Colt back to herself.

Colt (Las Vegas, Nevada) & his mom Debbie Larissa (Brazil)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Larissa is arrested again after an intense fight with her husband Colt. During the fight, Larissa posted his number online and asked social media for help. Colt claims he has no idea who called the police. Larissa is subsequently charged with domestic violence. Of course, Colt calls his soul mate mother, Debbie, for support. Debbie acts concerned, but we all know she did a happy dance as soon as she got off the phone.  I’m sorry but where there is smoke there is fire. Something is going on in that house that is causing these physical fights. SMH… I bet he is wishing he just gave her the money to get her hair done now.

Colt goes to see a bail bondsman to discuss getting Larissa out of jail. This scene looks so fake!!!!!!!!!! Really, TLC, really???  Colt is relieved he only has to pay $200 to bond his wife out of jail. He counts the money nervously, knowing Debbie is getting an alert from the bank as they speak. If it was $230, as cheap as Colt is he probably would have happily left her rotting in her cell. I guess we will have to wait until next week to see what happens when she is finally released.

Pedro (Dominican Republic) & Chantel (Atlanta, GA)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Ugh… another day and another fight with Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett regarding their families. After a disastrous meeting with Pedro’s mother, the tension is thick. Pedro is upset that his wife, Chantel, has come to the Dominican Republic and made things worse. After a walk in the park, Pedro demands Chantel meet with his sister and at least try to resolve things. I don’t know why Chantel intruded on her husband’s time with his family if she wasn’t going to attempt to mend fences.

Does she not understand the secret to saving her marriage is removing the outside influences and respecting her husband and marriage? Although I don’t agree with a married man taking a trip without telling his wife when he will return, I understand his need to flee his situation. It’s sad the Family Chantel is so wrapped up in their investigation; they can’t see the damage they are doing to a marriage. Pedro seems to genuinely love Chantel.

Pedro and Chantel await his sister, Nicole’s arrival at dinner.  Nicole and her polka dots sashay to the table, as if she is meeting the other woman and not her brother’s wife. This definitely should be interesting since the two have butted heads, since the beginning. Nicole immediately makes it clear she is there for Pedro, not for Chantel. The night of the fight at dinner with the Family Chantel is brought up again and neither side is willing to admit any guilt. This conversation is like watching two animals lock horns. Pedro’s sister succeeds in rattling Chantel by telling her she doesn’t deserve her brother.

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Chantel storms away from the table without resolving anything. Girl, if you want to fix your marriage, you have to figure out a way to get along with his family. Even if you don’t care for them, play chess instead of checkers. Pedro finds Chantel and asks for her to at least apologize for what happened at her family’s house. Of course, Chantel refuses and wants Pedro to defend her instead.  Pedro basically tells his wife to go back to Atlanta if she wants to fix their marriage. Why come to the Dominican Republic, if you are unwilling to at least try to get on the same page with his family?

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Pedro escorts Chantel back to the hotel so that he can get his things and return to his mother’s home. Pedro has had it! He is so furious with his wife not attempting to reconcile with his family, he wants to leave. Chantel can’t see past her own anger to realize that all her man wants is for someone to be the bigger person. Right or wrong he is asking his wife to help him end the drama. All Chantel does is whine about how SHE has been treated.  Pedro throws it in her face she does him the same way in America with her family. Sigh!

Chantel, you could have gotten your man back and ended the drama on this trip! Now you just seem petty like you want him to choose you over his family. Please watch how many times this man has cried and said how much he loves you on this season. Get it together, or Nicole’s friend will gladly take him off your hands.

Paola (Colombia) & Russ (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are getting ready for the baby at home. She reveals she no longer wants to have the baby at the hospital or the birth center. Paola now wants to have a home birth. Russ is clearly terrified of the thought, but, of course, will do anything to make his wife happy. Paola is hoping that her mother will be in the US in time for the birth since she has applied for her visa.  Hopefully, everything works out fine. Personally, I would want to be in a hospital as a first-time mother, but different strokes for different folks.

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Paola calls her mother to check in. She is worried that her mother’s visa will not be approved in time for the birth of her baby. She surprises her mom with her decision to have a home birth. Given that hospital births are the norm in Columbia. Her mother is not a fan of this idea.

Paola’s mother’s visa was approved and she is on her way to the US. Russ is worried that he will be outnumbered when his mother- in- law arrives. I have news for him…. he was outnumbered just by his wife. Paola clearly wears the pants in that household.  Now he can look forward to watching from sidelines as both women take over his house and child.

Paola is excited thinking about her birthing plan. Her mother is still trying to dissuade her daughter from giving birth at home. She would prefer for Paola have a doctor, than a midwife. Paola feels like her mother is driving her crazy with her negativity. But she has had six children and thinks she has a little more experience in the matter. I am all for positivity, but I think she should be aware of all of her options, just in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

Jay (Jamaica) & Ashley (Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Jay Smith’s sister is preparing  to return to Jamaica. She is extremely worried about Ashley Martson and Jay’s relationship after hearing the full story of TinderGate. Jay reveals a part of the reason he was talking to another woman is that he has nothing to do all day. Of course, this excuse infuriates Ashley. She shows her true colors by belittling Jay in front of his sister. At this point, I think his sister and the rest of us want Ashley just to let it go or break up. She may have been the victim at first, but her cruelty has now made her the bully in her own marriage. Sigh. Ashley needs to seek some professional help if she can become this person on national television.

Elizabeth (Tampa, FL) & Andrei (Moldova)

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast get ready for their baby shower. Andrei is adamant he doesn’t want Elizabeth’s sister, Jenn, to attend the party. As if that would really happen. Andrei is upset with Jenn because he knows she has spoken badly about him. Why is Elizabeth telling Andrei what her sister says about him? Common sense says that will cause issues with two important people in your life. Elizabeth is messy boots!!!! At the party, Andrei, pouts like a child that his sister- in- law came, despite his decree.

He then pulls Elizabeth’s other sister aside that hosted the party to ask why he wasn’t informed Jenn was coming to the party. I don’t know how the hell Elizabeth dealt with this guy this long. Andrei even makes his wife leave the party early because he is still angry. I don’t think they would have got married if they had dated longer in the states.

90 Day Fiancé Happily Ever After Recap: Nowhere to Run

Elizabeth has invited her sister, Jenn, to breakfast in hopes of her and Andrei making up. As soon as Jenn arrives, Andrei demands to know why she showed up to the baby shower.  He just keeps shouting “don’t get in my stuff.” What the hell does he have to hide, that he is so pressed about people knowing any of their business? It’s becoming very weird at this point. Andrei and Jenn continue to argue until Elizabeth finally interjects and tells her husband to shut up.  Omg… Andrei is not only a controlling freeloader, but he is also annoying as hell. Let’s just hope with the birth of his child, he will grow up.


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